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Lost my Champion I-dye Leopard (clear with color splat in center) at Willow Stream, Buffalo Grove today. I was going to joke about losing it to my friend, then look in my bag it wasn't there I duped myself. I think i'm going to stick to tossing 1 disc per hole from now on.
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Thats when I loose all mine, stupid second shots...
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Originally Posted by yearofrolling View Post
Thats when I loose all mine, stupid second shots...
Same here, the majority I have lost were because of extra shots, but unfortunately it's just because I forgot to go pick it up after I threw my other disc(s). Apparently I'm too stupid to remember how many discs I tossed
That disc I lost yesterday also had no name on it ( one of my only discs without my name and number). Just my luck
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Ive been robbed.
so while i was playing my home course 2 days ago i come up to hole 3 a 374' par 4 long straight then left at the end. Player in front of me waves me on as if hes done, but apparently he hid in the bushes and waited for my disc. I throw my star destroyer on a lazer 2 feet off the ground and its probably my nicest throw yet on this hole, couldve been an eagle with a putt barely out of the circle, by the looks of it. i saw my disc skip in the middle of the fairway then went out of sight, not a very big chance of rollaway. Throw my second drive and get a nasty kick into the woods and when i got down fairway my destroyer was gone! i literallly was walking around lookin for this thing for 30 minutes, when i determined the guy snatched it,he had to of.. this completely ruined my round, i was walking around by myself yelling profane things like a buffoon, usually losing a disc doesnt get to me anymore, but this one got right under my skin and it took me a good 6 hours to calm down and stop ranting around my house. Has anyone else been bested by a sneaky disc snatcher? i couldnt believe it...
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Well I lost yet another seasoned roc....I lost this one down in Virginia at the Sunnyside DGC at the Grange....I just can't believe I walked right off the hole without it and didn't notice it was missing until I got back to Hawks Hollow. I hate it when I lose a seasoned roc. Now my name and number is on the roc but I'll never get a call back.
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I didn't know I lost a disc until I got home from a round until I remembered exactly. I thrown 2 discs on my second shot because I caught an early limb on #17 Sandy Creek Park Athens, Georgia. It was a Champ teebird that landed right behind the basket and I forgot to pick it up because I was doing the score card for a group of 4. There was a group of 2 right behind us and I know they had to pick it up. It has my name and number on the back and they didn't even ask us. Pretty pissed about that but also my fault.
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Lost a GL Saint at Gold Course at Lindsey Park. Rolled into the creek and we couldn't find her in there anywhere.
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Lost at Mt.Airy (Cincinnati) DGC
OK, lost my yellow blizzard Ape on 17 tonight, maybe 280' out and 30' right into the rough. Searched over 20 minutes, but it's kind of faded to the leaf color right now. I couldn't believe I flipped it instead of flexing it over...used to be my most stable bliz disc. If you find it, my name & number are on it (got it a while back from Troy), or drop it at the lost & found there. Thanks! --Jeff A.
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Found HukLab dyed Z Nuke with initials and phone number on back. Hole #7 Peter Pan Emporia, KS. Girl who found it in our group called but no answer and no call back. I have it and will gladly return it. It's pretty sweet though I am hoping you don't read this.
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I left an orange champion rhyno at sky high in wrightwood today. Dont even know where. It was fully sharpie customized and has my name and # but today was the last day the crse is open til next spring. They're getting ready for ski season.lame!
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