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Lost a goldline pain at alum creek its got an ace on it and my name and number if anyone finds it give me a call haha. Heartbreaker
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Lost my favorite disc yesterday on 17 at Cedar Hill. It was a beat in star destroyer, my go to driver. It was getting dark, and I spent an hour in the woods with a flashlight. Gonna lose some sleep over that one.
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I've been doing pretty well of late but anyone who's played Diamond X in Billings knows that its just a numbers game...when the number of mph that the wind is blowing goes over 30 and its blowing from the left and the right(again anyone who's played DX in the wind knows) and the cliffs in the park are over 60ft and the hole you're throwing is 400ft your 170g echo destroyer just might turn about 90 degrees from the original flight path and go 700ft(approx) in the wrong direction off of one of those cliffs...oops.
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Lost my baby!!! 171 champ boss in the lake at la mirada on Sunday. Nasty hit of the tree on hole 13 and straight to the water.. Hope somebody finds it and All calls the number on it :-)
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My son threw my Dragon into a lake the other day.

No problem you say, it floats.

Well the lake is still partially frozen, and it landed on thin ice about 20 feet from shore.

No biggie - it was uber flippy Hopefully some kid will find it on shore one of these days.
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I don't usually bother calling back with DX plastic. If the disc looks like it was loved, I'll call back.

The only time I would consider keeping one is if it was some good MVP disc. But I never see anyone lose those around here.

But god help me if I find one more DX Cobra... I could just scream.
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I do like the reaction I get when I actually call people back, though.

"What? Oh sh*t, I really never thought I'd see that again."

My favorite disc was returned to me, so I have faith in karma enough to make some calls.
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My favorites are the people who are all gunshy about meeting a stranger to get their disc back. Here I am, actually callingyou, and you're all "eeeehhh, I don't want to meet you at a course or a nearby McDonalds or a police station to get my own stuff back, just keep it". Should have left it blank in the first place, and saved me my cell phone minutes.
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Augh. Two discs gone in two days. Yesterday, my XL turned more than I thought a disc could ever turn without turning into a roller, and went in a lake.

And today, I overshot a short downhill hole with my Omega, and put it in a lake. The same way I put my Mercy in the same spot a few months ago.
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Unhappy How not to teach someone to throw.

So i'm brand-new to disc golf but love it. learned to throw RHBH and was getting about 150ft on my drive (see told you i was new)... But my wife was having trouble throwing RHBH so i suggested she throw sidearm. Like a good husband i decided to show her how on a 282ft hole (thinking there is no way anything bad could happen). first time i ever threw sidearm and the disc sailed 300+ ft into a lake behind the basket go figure.
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