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Well I got in that COLD ASS creak for half an hour tonight and still didn't find my Banshee. But I did find a Champion Tie-Dye Valkyrie, a Champion Tie-Dye Wraith, a Milenium Orion LS, a champion Grove, and an SS Avenger that I traded to a guy on the spot for a Champion Monarch (to replace the one I lost last week). Pretty freaking sweet day! None had names either!
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I found a guys roadrunner the other day with a name and #. I gave him a call and he said he had lost it two months ago at a course 20 miles from where I was playing. I just don't understand why some db's would find someones shizz and not call the number. Oh well, at least they were stupid enough to leave his name and info on it. lol. I left it at the course for him to pick up and what do you know, less than a week later BAM second ace for me
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Just lost a Champ Classic Roc with an Ace on it. It was my first Champ one and has been in my bag for almost two years.
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lost my FLX Surge at Cuyahoga County Airport DGC on 11/13/10, Hole # 6.

beautiful drive. long distance anhyzer around the trees, but went too long and just kept going into the trees. Orange disc into a massive bed of orange leaves.

sad face
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Lost my Champion 11x Eagle-x on hole 5 at Sertoma Field (See above). I threw RHFH through those 2 trees which skipped right into the river beyond the ridge.
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Originally Posted by Spatula Cornroll View Post
Someone needs to figure out a very small transmitter in the discs that will allow them to be tracked with an Iphone app.
That what I have been saying to my friend. Y'all know those foil with copper circuit type stickers on dvd, CD and etc. Gotta somehow come up with idea and patent it.
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Lost my orange Esp Nuke on hole 17 at White Clay Creek State Park in the wedge of rough between the fairway and the x-country trail. Name, phone #, and PDGA # are on the disc; please give me a shout if you happen upon it. Thanks.
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I found a guys Ace Disc yesterday. I gave it back to him as we came up on another hole. He was super stocked and had forgotten he even left it(I think he ended up throwing a second one and forgot about it)
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it has been a while since playing on a course ... but this year was worse than most as far as lost discs go
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I lost my Champ JK Valk Saturday unknowingly. I think it fell out of my bag.
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