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Originally Posted by warren1086 View Post
I dont know what this feeling is when someone else calls you about one of your lost discs. Ive probably lost some where around 10 discs over the past 2 years and received 1 call, and it was all the way up in Chattanooga, a good 2 hour drive from where I lost that disc. I've found a few discs over the past 2 years, some with numbers but most with nothing. I have yet to return any, but I dont feel bad as I have not had any returned. Dont get me wrong, Ive made plenty of phone calls but with no avail. Oh well cant find em all.
Us Chattanooga peoples are pretty nice huh? Did they say what course they found it on?
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I found a disc at Red Ridge over the weekend with 'Super Dave' written inside the rim, and nothing else. I've asked the local DG club, and they don't know that nickname, so if you lost it and can PM me describing it, I'll gladly get it back to you.
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I found a 150g Champ Valkyrie in Austin Tx at Wells Branch Course, it has 2 sets of numbers scratched out, probably purchased used from PIAS...if you can prove that its yours by telling me the color and the specific phrase that is written on it, I will try and get it back to you.....I dont throw that light anyways, but it would make a great addition to my girl's bag
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Originally Posted by who-dat View Post
i lost my star stingray on hole 7 @ Sunset Park in Gulf Breeze, FL....hit the tree in the middle of the fairway and it kicked off hard to the right....right into the black lagoon....

the worst part is the next day when i was out there, two guys in wet suits were in the lagoon....i told them i'd throw some $ their way if they returned it, even wrote my # down and put it on their cars windshield......still haven't heard from them.....

so 0/3 on discs w/my name and # being returned.....people suck....

...i've returned 2 discs already....

Ouch. That Lagoon Eats discs. Literally

next time you see the jerks tell them i want my disc back too. lol...i doubt you'll ever get called
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Okay so I just want to put this out there. A new course in the area has a bit of water around it and I've been hopping in on a weekly basis to hunt for discs. I've have in the past 2 months returned well over 30 discs if not 40. Of the dozen or so discs that I've thrown into the drink I've never found one of my own, and I've never gotten a call on one of my own. The guys at the course have started berating the other guys they see out there swimming for plastic for not calling, but it hasn't helped much. I honestly kinda want to stop swimming in there but I feel like I have an obligation to the community now to find discs and return them so that some guy doesn't sell them on ebay.

Long story short, if your name and number are on the plastic it's yours if they find it and sell it they are selling stolen goods. If you know they are putting them up on ebay contact ebay and let them know. Don't buy discs from un reputable people. If they don't make any money they'll stop eventually and the people who actually return the discs will be rewarded for their efforts. I don't ask for a dime for a returned disc, just that they support people who return them and not those who would look to make a profit stealing from others. Sorry for the long rant I just was reading one or two of these and the story I saw, which I assume is listed hundreds of times in the back log just kind of cheeses me off. I sell the un labeled plastic I find, and I've even pulled a couple off the sale rack and given em back to guys who showed me a disc with the same mark, and I just wasn't able to find him before.

Support your local squids, they are the good ones.
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Just started back into playing after maybe 7 yrs away... busted out all my old gear and dropped by the local store to get a few new ones, one of which is a yellow DX Wraith.
8th hole at Griggs Reservoir in Columbus, OH and I shank it into shallow water of a swollen and running river... GONE.
Didn't even have time to sharpie my name on it.
So begins my welcome back.
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On a side note, I found an Aviar the next day at the same course... no sharpie either...
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I only get called on a lost disc when it is lost at a course hours away from my stomping ground, otherwise forgettabout it.
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I have only been called back once and I let the guy keep it because I didn't throw the mold anymore, but if I find a disc I will search my butt off to find the person (assuming it has a marking) and mail it to them free of charge if it is too far to drive; I don't ask for anything in return but have been offered free plastic several times. It is a pain because I have yet to really get any calls back, but the people I have returned discs to will stop at nothing to help me recover a lost disc when we play together.
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I've got a great story for everyone. . .

So I'm playing hole 8 at Snowbowl (Mountain course in Flagstaff) and my 11x Eagle over hyzers on me into the woods . .Keep in mind this disc is full of my ink and I have 8 aces with this disc. Me and my buddies look for twenty minutes at least and decide to give up. I was pissed. A month later, before Saturday league, I jump into the woods off the fairway of Hole 1 to discreetly relieve myself and what do I find sitting right next to me, my 11x Eagle. The disc thief must have really overshot Hole 18 and gave up looking for it. So, I found my most treasured disc. I was stoked! The jag who found it blacked out my ink and wrote "Don't steal my $h!t" and "Tingles Weezy" all over my disc. Some Irony here. After telling someone else this story and they knew "Tingles" and I confronted him later on at one of our courses. I don't think he will ever steal a disc again.
Pretty cool story.
The disc in question is now hanging on my wall with the infamous "Tingles Weezy" ink and a great story to tell
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