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I don't lose discs. I have a monkey in my bag that randomly tosses out my discs without me knowing. I can never find that damn monkey though!
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Lost my Wolverine in the lake on Saturday. Wasn't too far out, but the water was very muddy and I could only see about 2' out. Tried with my golden retriever for a good hour, but had to give up when my hands went numb. Couldn't sleep thinking about it so I built a 3.5' wide rake out of PVC. Got it on the second toss. B-)

I also lost my swirly *FL in the lake a few weeks ago on a blind shot. The lake was mostly frozen, but there was a 2' section of thawed ice all around the shore. Must have snuck in there. My only fear is that it landed on the ice, slid across the lake, and then fell in somewhere I won't think to look. Gonna go back with my giant rake today and try to get it. I've never permanently lost a disc and I don't want to start now.
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Angry lost disc

Lost my champion beast, hole 16 at Lake Csitas, it sucked.
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I was playing Hyland in Bloomington, MN. The course is built on an urban ski and snowboard area. Hole #18 is over 700', straight down the steepest slope on the property. Decide I want to unload my bag on the hole, just for the experience. It was AWESOME. until I threw

First throw, champ teebird, i dye (very pretty one). Try to turn it right a bit and choke hard. Threw it hard, but way too far up in the air. Takes a huge left turn and dives into some super tall grass on a non-skiiable area. So instead of going to look for it, I throw another

Oooh, great idea, throw a 161 champ monarch. Throw it, thing rises like a... um... tech stock in the year 2000 (I can hear Conan singing it now...). Stalls out, crashes into a grove of pine trees, right next to the grass

So I throw my mako. In frustration. It goes roughly 600' in the air, directly on line. No turn, no fade, glides straight down the hill and I manage a par...

if you don't count the 2 discs I couldn't find after about 20 minutes of looking through a knee high, allergy attacking grass patch. Lowest moment of my disc career (so far)
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Lost a Glo Roc (Green Stamp) on #6 at Zebulon. Took the anny route and hit the tree that is almost completely straight. Disc decided to fly about 50ft+ do the left and I couldn't find it.
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Bought one of the -- now out of stock -- test run R-Pro Asia Open Tanks. GREAT DISC!!! Thought I'd left it at a course one day, so I bought a new one., the test run R-Pro Las Vegas Gentleman's Club Challenge Tank. Well, my buddy ended up finding the Asia Open Tank under his seat. Cool beans. I got my thrower back. The L.V. Gentleman's Club Challenge Tank hangs on the wall in MINT condition.

So aaaaaaaannnnnhhhhhhways....

...super windy day at Greenbriar Comm. Center Hole #15. OB WIFF!!! over the sidewalk on the left. Complete slip out of hand, hits tree high, OB 30 ft in front of box.

2nd shot.....tank. COMPLETE WIFF!!! Flutters right and into the lake. 20ft out.


We blind retriever for a while and my buddy's retriever gets snagged, totally stuck, and the nylon string breaks.

BAM!!!! Just like that, 50+ worth of stuff swimming at the bottom of the lake.

SWIM TIME!!! I jump in, taking dives and shuffling across the bottom. 8ft deep.


1 Champ Firebird
1 Z Nuke
1 Star Wraith
1 "snapped off string" Golden Retriever

Myyyyyyyyyy TANK!!!

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I threw my leopard from a tee at Audubon in DFW that's next to an overpass, and discovered a headwind we couldn't feel from the tee. My Leopard unexpectedly rose about 150 feet and did a 90 degree right turn up onto the overpass. LOTS of cars speeding across it. I wrote it off, but a gent we'd just met that day ran up there and got it, and it was not damaged at all!
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Default Fairway Flyers DG Store, MN

Some bozo jaked my brand new Predator Z at Bryant and a month later some nice kid said he would turn it in at Fairway flyers as they provide that service... Well, my disc has my information on it as you can assertain and wouldnt you know it... When I called up to go get my property the people at this shop had no idea where it was... funny, what a little lighter fluid can do for a bottom line... More humorous still is what this practice does to one's rep. This isnt the first case of this theft going on here and it wont be the last.

Rude sales people and a proprieter who makes new clients as well as returning ones feel dumb... Avoid this place, its spendy and you will leave feeling like someone whom just had a leak taken on their shoes and had the owner has the guts to inform you it's only raining.

kinda petty when all it was over was a hunk of plastic and a few bucks..
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try fairway flyers... they have a way of coming up with other peoples things... sorry if this seems like bad mouthing them for my misfortune. But then again I dont see any Gotta Go Gotta Throw doing this type of thing.
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I just started disc golfing again after about a 12 year absence. I take my 4 yr old son out with me to my home course (Maytag Park) and at the end of last season (late November) he lost my old-school Cyclone that was beat in and was a perfect roller. I was bummed since that was the first driver I bought back in the mid 90's. It had my name on it but I never got it back. So this weekend I played in a tournament in Oskaloosa (45 miles or so away from my home course) and in the 2nd round I noticed one of the guys I was playing with had a Cyclone that looked a lot like the one I lost. I told him I used to have one of those but I lost it. He told me he had found it on a course somewhere. I asked him if I could look at it and sure enough, there's my name written on the back. I asked him if he cared if I took it back after the round and he gave it back immediately. He also said he hadn't thrown it all day and just decided to throw it that one time since he wasn't playing very well at all. I was happy to get my old Cyclone back.
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