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Operation Return Talon was successful today when I returned the disc I found the other day to it's owner.
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Lost my pink Star Orc today on the Kensington Black Locust course in Michigan. Hole 19. On the right side just past the pine tree.

We watched it fly, watched where it came down, went to look for it and couldn't find it. Searched for probably 15 minutes.

No reason we shouldn't have been able to find it, but my info is on it. Hopefully someone finds it and gives me a call.
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Lost white First Run Pro Teebird on Hole 5 @ Beast in Ludington. It is in the bushes behind the basket to the left. I saw it go in, looked for a good 20 minutes and even came back after to look more but no luck. I can't remember if I inked it as I just got it a week ago.
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Next time I am out there, I will give it the once over. If I come across it, I will give you a call!!!
Originally Posted by Jimb View Post
Good for him and good for you!

If you ever happen to find yourself way left on #15 you might run into a beautiful Pink ESP Buzz of mine that the thick stuff swallowed.
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Lost a red pro Starfire in the tall grass to the left of the teepad on hole 9? (the one next to the playground, tight tunnel shot) at the Blue Springs (William Yates) course in Missouri. Damn trees gettin in the way.
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Originally Posted by FredVegasDGC View Post
Operation Return Talon was successful today when I returned the disc I found the other day to it's owner.
This is great! Nice to see this thread doing good.

Originally Posted by jabruzzo3 View Post
Next time I am out there, I will give it the once over. If I come across it, I will give you a call!!!
I appreciate it, but wouldn't ask you to go out of your in that thick stuff... And you probably know to stay out of it with a throw!

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Deer Lakes, #11

Lost my best and favorite disc, the staple of my bag: a light blue ESP Buzzz.
Hit a tree early on and bounced to the right. Thought it was near the creek, but the sun was going down and visibility was no good.

My info is on it, but I'm thinking in the daylight it's an easy find. I'm going to assume someone's just going to pick it up and that's it. At least they'll have themselves an awesome disc.

Almost makes me want to quit the game though, that's how much I don't want to play without the thing.
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So I've returned about 4 discs this summer up until the other day. Decided to randomly play a course i never do in the summer due to the high foilage/poision ivy/etc. On the day i played it they decided to cut out all of the nasty stuff on only a couple holes. I ended up with 20 discs, 8 with names, and I called all of them.

My question is , I returned 2. A couple didnt call back so ill keep them. But a couple guys said something to the effect of " well maybe we can play sometime and ill get it back". how long should i wait? its been over a week already. ill gladly give it back, but if theyre not gonna waste their time to come get it then id like to throw it.
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Bad bot, Bad!
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I have returned every disc I have found. I have called the number on the back of disc and either met and delivered disc, or called and let them know I was leaving at club house. At least 4 or 6 times in the last year + that I have been playing. I have lost 5 discs, 3 in water. The other two on land. One of which, my dear yellow Star Roc most recently.

After stupidly walking away from beautiful approach lie of said yellow Star Roc, and realizing and coming back to where it had just been lying not 10 minutes ago to find it gone.... not turned in to the club house. No one called my cell number. No one emailed me. That sucks. I still returned a disc I found in Sylmar after calling the number on back of disc.

I miss my awesome straight flying yellow Star Roc.
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