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I lost a Red Jaguar back in April at Trophy Lakes, SC it was close to basket #6. I have called and followed there web site for found disks but no luck! It has my name and number on it so if anyone finds it I will offer a reward.
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I just lost my purple 172 champion starfire on hole 10 at Bearcreek. sucks but oh well, win some and you lose some!
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I've lost so many it's not even funny. Every now any then I'll get a call from someone but it's rare around here. There's like three or four people that rake up the lake and sell the discs on ebay, name and number on them or not. My old course you would at least get your discs back most of the time but not here. I still go out of my way to get someone's disc back to them if possible. Just wish that good karma would return back to me at some point.
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Lost my week old star katana on hole 18 at Columbia Park today... I hate losing plastic, if this ends up in the lost and found, it will be my first disc that has been returned in 7 months
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Lost a champ beast in the pond at Idlewild hole #2 I believe name and number on the back Brad Butch ...a few weeks ago would pay a HEFTY reward to get it back tis my favorite disc
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Lost a champion monarch today. Its ok tho because it was the disc I use least out of my bag.
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Lost a Surge SS FLX on 6A out at Moraga Commons a few weeks ago. The box is at the top of the hill and my shot kept sliding off to the right, untill disappearing into the forest of poison oak. I really really miss that disc.
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lost my new dga hurricane last night. as it was getting dark we decided to play three more holes. i sent it out as a second drive, and it fell short into some leaves. then it got dark. im going back right now... preeezzeee show yourselffff
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I lost my meteor on hole 8 at Herbert Hoover a few days ago. The wind caught it and I lost sight of the devil. I suspect it ended up in that little stream. Dang, I want that disc back, it has served me well.
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Lost my beat up Omega Super Soft in a dark pit of dirty water yesterday. I need a great putter to help my confidence. Should I replace with another Omega Super Soft? Soft Ion? Wizard?
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