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Originally Posted by elevated plastic View Post
Yesterday I lost my money Star RR. Five of us looked for 15-20 mins. I went back and looked today with no luck. The next hole I find a perdy T-bird. I called and left a message. An hour or so later I get a text from the same number saying he found my RR on the way to look for his t-bird. Set up an exchange for friday morning. Karma baby!
Got it back!
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THIRD time ive been here after as many days of playing...the DG gods must be pissed for some reason, lol. Today it was my beloved 167g Z Buzzz, my very first buzzz and an ace disc on hole 16 at Plamann Park (Apple Creek 18). I know exactly where it is, i just might die if i try to go there. Climbing a 60 foot tree with tiny branches is not worth a disc for me, if it was my first ace disc then i probably would have gone and got it. Hoping the wind blows it down and if it dont get to it first some considerate person will, and i will get a call.
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^yea you got ripped today. After you left, Sam and I played the 9 again, and I lost my river on hole 7. It hit the first tree, and kicked off into the early **** on the right and we couldn't find it after looking for awhile. Then I almost lost my keys and we spent a ton of time looking for those too.
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Default Bunker Hills MN

1st lost disc.
Hole 9, turned lhbh into wind and it went down somewhere between 9 left rough and hole 1.

Raspberry ESP Meteor inked with "175"
Find it? I'd love it back, if not please enjoy or give to new player

Contact thru profile.
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Played Harry Meyers today found a disc under a tree at #18 it was a blue turning driver looks like an older stamp on it. I'm assuming someone left it there by mistake. If this is yours just PM me and let me know the name on the back of it, i'd be happy to return it. Also lost a glow nuke on #18 those trees are vicious.
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Lost my x-cal on middle concho at the crush. It was my first two color dyed disc with an awesome joker face on it. I miss it
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After a several month drought, I have found 4 discs in 5 rounds. None had name/number in them but I think I know who 1of them belongs to. What i've found:
DX Cheeta
Champion Teebird (tie-dyed)
Z Force
Glo Nuke (pm'd owner)
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Lost another damn Buzzz...i have none left Hole 6 and Grignon Park. I threw a nice LHBH hyzer right around the corner, looked to be in the center of the fairway....searched for 30 MINUTES..didnt see it. I believe i have reason to believe that some douche bag has stolen ANOTHER one of my discs...that would make FOUR ive have taken this year. FML, got a tourney on saturday...with no buzzz and the lack of 30 dollars to get overnight shipping i can safely say im fu**ed for this tourney. UGHH, people piss me off
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^^^I lost two out there in one day a couple of weeks ago; including a very rare sparkely fly boy meet up disc with no name inside.
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My 5 year stumbled upon my pile of old discs in our attic. A stingray, a few sharks, and a Millenium Supersoft Putter from back in the late 90's early 00's... He was all excited about playing golf, and I picked back up the plastic. Bought a few at a local B&M, and hit the links. We played Rennaissance, Kilborne, and then I saw a sign about the tournament at a park right near my house... who knew... Well R.L. Smith chewed me up and spit me out.... Man... I am such a newb. Lost both of our new(ish) discs on hole 3 an elevated tee... ( A DX Wraith(blue) and a DX Firebird(white)) That's when I decided I need to purchase only pinks, oranges, or bright yellows..... DOH! Oh yeah Howdy thanks for having me!
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