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Default Hole O' the Day for August 6th, 2010

Hole 12, Peccole Ranch, Las Vegas, NV

Here's the tee shot

I couldn't find any info on distance or par, but it doesn't look too long. I think I'd probably be trying to follow that red curve in the tee shot with a Buzzz.
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Looks like a really easy forehand roller. Pick any disc.
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I dont like that red line at all. Just seems too shielded on the right.

Im going low RHBH Panther or Impact (Havent made up my mind on them yet) aiming just left of the 2nd tree along the path.
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If it's as short as it looks (less than 280 or so) i'd flip a dart through the left hole and let it fade back right. If it's any longer, I'd do the same with a light flippy roc. This hole type is pretty much all we have at the course in my town, unfortunately.
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Wow, got nothing like this hole around here. I would try a Roc or Mako straight down the gut the first time I played it. If it turned at the end, fantastic. If it hit the fence and skipped back to the right, just as fine. The trees looked far enough a part where you probably get a good look at the basket from anywhere as long as you made it most of the way.

Maybe after I played it several times and it had enough ceiling to the right I might hyzer it out with a Roc or a Ridge.

I like the one bent tree by the tee, like it knew it was in the line of fire.
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I think I'd hyzer an Orc at it.
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Buzzz or stalker low and hard to keep it under overhang and if it's not that long should be easy 2 or possibly a 3.

Never played I'm vegas before but hope to when it's not smoking hot out.
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Mm...Buzzz I suppose. Either straight at it or a hyzer like the red line depending on how I feel that day. Once you're around the tree it looks pretty open. If I'm feeling quirky that day a C-PD FH roller could do nicely. I'm guessing this hole is a little longer than 280 feet though...maybe 315-320ish?
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this course looks crazy! it's in the suburbs of Las Vegas in a linear park, an errant shot can easily go into someone's yard/house/car etc. kinda lame, kinda awesome.

If I'm playing this one blind/first time, I'm going safe big hyzer like the red line, probably champ teebird. once i know the distance and look at the inside line, i might flip a comet or something.
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Originally Posted by chrishysell View Post
Looks like a really easy forehand roller. Pick any disc.
yea i think i will roll
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