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Default HOD 8-11-10.... ya slackers...

Land of Memories Campground in Mankato, MN... Hole 6, even though the sign seems to say 3?

either way:

basket is dead straight ahead down the tunnel. can't find any info, but it looks to be in the 200-250 range.

i'm whizzing a buzzz straight at it.
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i think i will send a teebird around the side (not risking the tree alley)
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looks like a bowling lane...probably an Eagle-L on a hyzer line around the trees
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Buzzz buzzz
The one that really bothers me is the one in the middle close to the end.
On second thought, maybe I'd FH a Gator on the left and hook it right.
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Maybe a putter straight up the gut. Then take a whiz over near the bushes on the left.
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Star Aviar right down the middle. Then re-mark my territory over top of teebob's.
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How r those trees just planted like that?! Seems pretty random--lol. It wud really suck if it was mando to go between the trees!
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What's with the slackin?

Buzzz right at it, looks like a fun hole.

Think first two trees mando then fair game from there if it were my hole.
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Nice controlled FH hyzer out left with a TeeRex, or an anny shot with a wizard out on the same line.. Maybe a buzzz if I wasnt feeling the distance that day.
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Up the middle seems tight and low. If it's 200ish, I'd go for it with a Roc on a low line. But if it's more like 250+, I'm tempted to go left with a Voodoo or Roc on an anny, depending on actual distance.

I was wondering about a possible double mando myself.
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