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holy crap that kid's got great form! Kid's got some power too. I would have loved to see how the disc flew after it left his hand though.
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Originally Posted by thatguy View Post
holy crap that kid's got great form! Kid's got some power too. I would have loved to see how the disc flew after it left his hand though.
My thoughts exactly. I wanted to see how the discs flew. Still a great vid though. Did he have a 3 or 4 finger grip?
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From reading some of the other posts .....is this guy throwing on the ball of his plant foot or heel? Looks like heel and I was under the impression it should be on the ball of your foot and more weight forward?
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Originally Posted by tamahawk View Post
i've recently noticed the same thing from watching some of the CLASH videos and having the ability to watch in slow-motion and freeze frame. along with the right foot plant at full reach back, i've also noticed something else.

it seems like all the good players do the same thing, their shoulders are still facing toward the target even when the left foot crosses behind and touches in the x-step. the should rotation starts back as the right foot starts forward creating a torque between the upper and lower body.

i always rotated my shoulders back as my left foot crossed behind, but have been trying to change that since this observation. it feels very weird, definitely don't have the hang of it yet.

I watched the video again after your post, and i thought about all the little things you described. I went out into a field and practiced moving forward with the disc and first step then going into my X-Step. It was a major breakthorugh. I finally was able to have my final foot planted and really twist my waist. I crushed several right out of my target area. I know some might see him and others do this and think its just flashy but it really helped my timing. try it
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