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When you are about to take a shower and try to anhyzer your underwear from the bedroom to the bathroom.

Edit: RHBH
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Default You know your addicted to DG when...

...you pull out your bag just to look & fondle your discs.
...you start to believe certain colors make discs fly farther than others.
...you you know what PLH means.
...you know what OAT is.
...you have more than 100 discs.
...your on here everyday & even when your at work/school.
...you think discing is a "good" first date.
...you play in more than 3 leagues at a time.
...you have dreams about disc golf.
...you know the names of more pros than Ken Climo.
...you have a subscription to discgolfplanettv & complain about it .
...you know personal things about some pros *cough* Catrina & Cameron
...you take a dumb & your on DGCR on your phone or laptop.
...you treat worlds like a holiday
...you have sentimental values to certain discs
...you have discs hanging on your wall/s
...you can no longer throw a beach/catch fribee correctly anymore
...you have a PDGA #
...you ask for strangers help on the internet for help on your throwing technique
...you have clothes related to disc golf
...you are willing to pay more money for an OOP disc
...you're very particular on the weights, dome & PLH of your discs
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Default You know your addicted to DG when

... you know exactly at what point you'll definitely stop buying discs once and for all.
... and have already considered which discs to buy afterwards.
... a good friend tells you about the accident he just was in and your first thought is "Damn, I'll need to find someone else to play doubles with!"
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When you are applying only to colleges that have disc golf courses at them. And then depending on what colleges you get accepted to, you choose the college with the best course.
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Every park you drive by your kids ask if thats the disc golf park.... EVERY PARK!
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You have friends that mention they used to throw 'Frisbee Golf' back when they were first dating 15-20 years ago, and that they probably still have the discs.
...and you keep looking for an excuse to ask them to drag them out to see if there are any collectibles in the bin.
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Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
...riding through the countryside near where you live (and where the disc golf scene is virtually non-existent) you spot a practice basket in someone's yard and feel like you just saw evidence of another inhabitant in your post-apocalyptic world.

Guy who has a practice basket outside of Liberty, NC, I know you exist.
I don't know why but the Straight faced smiley at the end of this made it 100% funnier...

way to go

...you son of a bitch
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You're willing to put up your own money to have custom stamped discs with your company's logo to prove to the owner that they will sell...and your local DG store guys immediately jumped on offering to sell them there as well.
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You play 100 holes in a day..

You close your eyes to go to bed and you see baskets in your head..

You go to this website every day even though your at work..

You make your Aunt and Uncle drive you 60 miles when your on vacation to take you to Deleveaga..

You buy discs even though you know you will rarely ever use them..

You make decisions to where your going to move to a new job based on how many disc golf courses they have..

you drive 2 hours to play at a course in a cave..

you get into a nasty lake to try and retrieve a $10 dollar disc
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Your driving and looking at the land around you thinking man that would be a great spot to put a course and you start mapping out the holes
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