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Originally Posted by G Bud View Post
You won't get a roller off in that grass. Usually pretty thick & high because it is often swampy if a little wet a good 300+ off the long tee. The hill is a pretty big elevation change though it doesn't look it. Did we mention the often prevailing Loriella wind?

It's usually a 4 or more on my card cause of my lack of monster distance so:
BH Teebird, double helix flick Crush, BH Roc or viper up shot depending on distance maybe even a Monster thomahawk depending on wind, aviar drop in.

Great course and the long tees really kick it up a notch!
he's right rollers arent gonna work here.
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Originally Posted by Technohic View Post
Somethings not right here. I mean, the girl in the first picture looks somewhat attractive and that is clearly a fat guy with no shirt on and white socks! Maybe I need to start walking around with my shirt off.

Anyway; doesnt matter the length here for me. Its long, open and I aint getting there in 1 so I will just throw a Teebird a couple times and clean up with a Wizard.
That's it. Whoever stole all those dry fits a couple of months ago can have all mine. I'm lucky to still have white socks for the weekend.
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Star SL to start off straight...
Then a Beast to hook to the left...
Then a nice Star Roc and an Aviar to finish!
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echo star katana blast
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FH a Boss, followed by a Buzzz, followed by a Wizard
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I would start things off with a TL, RHBH and then maybe a leopard from there. Wide open fairways don't impress me much.
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Depending on the wind I would likely throw my 167 Z Force, good D and is accurate enough to land me up wind of the pin. From there I would throw a Challenger or Buzzz depending on how far I am.
Tail or left to right tail, and I would probably throw a 170 X Avenger and try to ride it out, there is a lot of fairway.
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depending on the wind, it'd be 2 flips of the beast or r-pro boss, then buzz/aviar from there if i'm close enough.
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