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If you compare the hole number with first number in the red distance you can see that the 7 in 75 has straight top with an acute angle before the vertical leg and the 9 has a curved top with smooth transition to the vertical. I say the hole is hole 9.

I am a noodle arm throwing my DX Leopard on all three, maybe a Roc from the red.
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Originally Posted by Rol6566 View Post
I think something is screwed up here. Either the pics or the course map. I looked at the course photos and hole 6 is right next to 7 looking in the same direction.
You have to convert hole 7 from metric to 9.
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I fixed the sign.

I would anny a Leopard on from all three tee's.
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Before I talk about my actual drives, I want to comment on the mess that is the trainwreck between holes #4, 6, 7, and 10. From looking at the posted map, that looks like a nightmare and pretty dangerous.

I can't really tell where the basket is from the photo.

If it's to the left in the flat part, I'm going XL or TL thrown flat and straight for all three placements.
If it's up the hill and to the right, I may go Beast on a hyzer around the left of the tree dead center from the tee sign. Or I may throw an Avenger SS or a SL on an anny to the right of the tree dead center.


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echo star valk from the longs baby!
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Originally Posted by Labelkills View Post
im refusing to support canadian disc golf. the distance is in yards!!!! thats just awful!!
That's disc golf in the UK. I'm pretty sure it's meters in Canada, eh?
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broken in roc or leopard from the tee
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