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Since I can't make a 340' shot, I'll be playing for par. I'll go with a 150 champ Leopard through the left gap for a slight turnover. I expect to land it over the crest at about 200'. Then a 165 Element thrown flat and short of the pin. (If it were uphill to the pin, I might try to nail it.) Then putt.
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looks like a job for my 11x kc pro teebird, toss it through the right gap and let her come on back for a tap in deuce, if all goes as planned...
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I'd throw my rare poppy top, big bead, pearly, special blend, pro candy, 11x, second first run, nightshift, blueberry, circle tooled, bar stamped, gummy, zipper, CFR, sparkle, glow, starlight, ghost stamped, bottom stamped, USDGC fundraiser, 1 of 12, Super Birdie +.
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Usualy i wouldnt try to throw a buzzz that far, but since it goes downhill towards the end i'd go for it. Right hand gap, gentle hyzer to flip straight to back hyzer to skip further than normal because it goes downhill to easy put.
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I'd probably get to this tee and think that the best course of action would be to try to bomb a giant hyzer over the trees - to take all the risk out of the shot. I'd dig in my bag for awhile and realize that I forgot my flick on some previous hole - which would then make me reconsider. I'd probably just scratch my chin for awhile and eventually decide that my orc would be best here through the gap. I'll convince myself that I'll be able to make it through and it'll fade just right to the basket. Of course, I'll hit the first available tree and then curse at the top of my lungs. Then I'll be throwing a buzzz from an awkward angle just to get through the trees - and my disc will probably roll down into some of that awful schule on the left. Then I'll have to punch out - I'd probably use a roc for this, but a pizza box would do the trick as well. Then I'd miss my first putt (I use an XD). I'd curse again, then throw my XD as hard into the chains as possible, but miss. Then, I'd probably pick up my disc and tell my friend that I just got a bogey. And then he'd be all and then I'd be all
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I like this
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This is my home course. RHBH worn Star SL

fractalzoom I don't think it would be possible to throw a hyzer bomb those trees are tall and too close to the tee to get over them and still make it 340ft.
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champion destroyer flick through the left gap
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Throwing my Wraith with a little S on it. Trying to keep it on the high side because the slope to the left of the basket (from the tee) always sucks shots down there.
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Z Stalker thru the straight gap. let it flip up and straight to the pin.
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