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Ace Race 2010-Discraft Hornet

Today was my towns Ace Race, and we all had some fun. Now I'd like to talk about the discs, this thread will continue to be fun for a while as more ace races happen and new people chime in about their experiences.

So, What did you think?
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I kind of agree with the faster Wasp statements...or maybe a slower stalker? Feels far more midrange like than fairway like....but I feel that many of the holes were too short for this disc.

This disc likes to be thrown with some snap...and at like 100' you need to either have a lot of snap and very little arm speed...or go for the high lines. I tried high lines and got REALLY close MANY times, hit metal once. 4 people had 1 ace each...and a guy on my card had 2 aces...he had success by getting extra snap from this forehand drives.

This disc does great things on a well executed line, it will turn over and fade back predictably, it holds a hyzer nice and you can put them up and over anything you can imagine. My one metal hit came from me throwing a roughly 120' hole with no good hyzer line on a HUUUUUUGGGGGEEEE spike hyzer...perhaps 70' or more in the air.

I couldn't throw a decent anny with this disc on ANY of the holes...because they were way too short. Many of the holes I'd have thrown an Ion at...and I'm not a huge putter throwing guy. In fact I played this course just last week (rare for me to play this place but my dad wanted to go there) and I was throwing today from many of my approach shots last week...places I threw an Ion/Voodoo/meteor/buzzz...and I'm supposed to throw a more stable faster mid?

Not really complaining as it was the same for everyone...just wasn't my normal style of playing the game.

So where does this disc fit for me? I'm calling it a shorter stalker for windier conditions maybe?

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I plan on throwing a thumber on alot of shots if it is going to be as stable as i presume it to be.

maybe some flex shot lines and some forehands.
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I hit basket with a tomahawk last year. So close!
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This is good to know. I'm hosting an ace race next Saturday the 14th. now I know to set my holes a bit longer. Its also nice for us because I know just about everyone in it, and they are all high level players. So hopefully we can hit some REAL aces, from a good distance.
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My thread is not good enough huh?

I'll get to throw these bad boys the 14th as well. Sounds like a faster QSent by your testimonial, kinda neat. One guy in the other thread said the plastic felt like a blend of ESP and D, kinda chalky, and that the dome was poppy. Same with yours?
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it feels like the less FLXish ESP the kind of plastic that feels...plasticy? IDFK not that chalky...though some of them were a BIT chalky. If I was thinking I would have grabbed a really light one...ended up playing with one after the event and they flew GREAT. I might recommend getting a heavy and a light.

Re: Overhead throws...they worked better for overheads than I expected them to, but this is a midrange profile disc...in face it's almost hard to tell the physical differences from a wasp at some angles.

if you like short hyzers, or long straight shots that fade...this will be a lot of fun for you...I had a lot of fun on those holes.

My group started at hole 1, so we ended for the day on hole 18. Knowing that 1 ace could not win I decided to throw a roller...basket is on a hill. I rolled up and over the hill, just missing the metal hit. Works great for a control roller!

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I played last Saturday AUG 7 at Creek Side,i thought they performed great.got a light and a heavy weight. many very close [of cource a few of what the he** was that shots] they were just fun to use. Ill keep one in my bag for a while.
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What I'm wondering is, how can this not be called a fairway driver? Eventhough "fairway driver" or "tweener mids" or whatever, are kinda arbitrary terms to begin with, with no official standards for defining the catagories, it seems like people just want to say this is a pure mid.

I don't think it is. I don't know the specs on this disc, other than just looking at it and having thrown it.

But, I promise you, if you took some players out who have never thrown the Cyclone, and made some ESP Cyclones with the Ace Race stamp on it, and then also gave them this years AceRace disc, that people might call the Cyclone a mid more than the AceRace disc.

This disc feels a little smaller in diameter than the Cyclone, and definately smaller than a wasp, drone, buzzz, meteor, or many other Discraft mids.

It's definately faster than the mids I just listed, and probably at least as fast as a Cyclone, though the overstabilty of it compared to the Cylcone kinda makes it harder to judge. I do have to throw it harder to get it up to speed than the Cyclone, but some of that may just be that it's more HSS and LSS stable than the Cyclone.

I personally feel that it's just as fast as a Stalker, which is not really that fast of a driver to begin with. The Stalker is easier to throw because of less stability, but the Stalker can't be much faster than the AceRace disc, if it is at all.

I took out my Cyclone 2, X2, and a few other old stable/overstable drivers (like EXP, banshee, talon, reaper), and found that it's closer to an X2 or Cyclone 2, but def not as stable (or at least HSS) as the X2, and has more glide. It's pretty close to the Cyclone 2, but still a little glider than my fresh Cyclone 2, my beat in Cyclone 2 that I have was kinda warped, so I can't accurately judge from that.

But, now that mids are getting longer and faster (meteor, mako etc), and more tweener discs are coming out, especially from Discraft (glide, impact, squall, etc), I guess this disc will probably fit in this catagory.

I don't see it as a mid, but I'm open to what others have to say. But, any mid I think of, I just add the specifier "faster" or "longer" (ie "longer wasp, "faster less stable drone" ). So if it's faster than the mids discraft has, and it's smaller diameter, and shaped similiar to a cyclone, how can it not be at least considered a driver?

It's probably irrelevant anyway, as it's plastic, and you throw it, if it flies good for you, then keep throwing it.
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Any way to get a polling question on this thread? I would recommend "After throwing the disc, does it make it in your bag?" 1) Yes 2) Maybe, need to throw it some more to see, 3) No, liked the disc, but have other discs that cover the need 4) No, did not like the disc
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