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Default Wooden Tee Sign Pics

I am working with the City to put in a new disc golf course, and I'd like to do wooden tee signs. I just think they look better and more natural than the metal equivalent, and I can acquire the materials very cheap. What I need is some examples to show the city before they approve it. This is the only picture I could find online, but I know many courses have them. Please post your wooden sign pics! If you have any pics of the process of making a wooden sign, that'd be great too! Thanks!

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No one has any pics? Does anyone at least know of some courses with nice wooden tee signs? Maybe I could at least look up the course...
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these are the homemade wood signs they use at wildcat bluff.


All they do is router out all the numbers and line to the pin and then paint the designated color. More examples can be seen on their course page. http://www.dgcoursereview.com/media....=&hole=&page=2
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I don't think they are quite what you are looking for but check out City Park in New Orleans. They have some really nice wooden tee signs but they aren't completely wood.
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Tocobaga in St. Petersburg, FL has wooden tee signs for now...will probably be replaced before too long.
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I don't feel like posting all of them here, but we have wooden tee signs at the Redwood Curtain. Here's a link http://www.dgcoursereview.com/media....71&mode=media# .
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By wooden signs, do you mean the information itself is engraved or stamped into the surface of the wood, or would you include signs with wooden posts and frames, but possibly some other material for the printed "sheet" with numbers, etc.?

If the latter, take a look at East Roswell Park's tee signs, which are constructed of wood, with the information engraved in a metal sheet.

You could use whatever material you like in place of the metal sheet. Oregon Park in Marietta, Ga., has used the same kind of frame with sheets of laminated paper. Instead of the necessary rivets that were used to fasten the metal sheets to the frames at ERP, the laminated paper sheets can be glued or stapled down, allowing them to be replaced more easily. The down side of paper is that it is less durable than metal or other materials, and most likely less attractive (notice the reflected glare on the laminated sheet). For a "sturdier" alternative, you could probably add a sheet of plexiglass over the paper sheet.

These were built by dgcr member Craigd, who could probably share more details on their cost and construction.

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Quail Ridge in Wentzville, MO has wooden signs. Made with a router and templates.
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I think that this is a very good way to go. Low cost, easy to modify if the hole is tweaked, and easy to replace if damaged or stolen. Also it's a great way to sell annual sign sponsorships.
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