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Originally Posted by hooked312 View Post
Over thanksgiving I started making a basket and since then I have created three holes going to the same basket. With X-mas coming up I hope to have some more money to make a few more baskets.
164 ft.
110 ft.
175 ft.
Looks familiar...isn't this the "course" that was added, reviewed thrice (getting ratings from one end of the spectrum to the other!), and promptly removed after the 3rd "review" stated the course was a joke?

I've got enough of a yard that I'll be able to throw something together once the wife gets me the portable for my birthday in January. It'll be the kind of course you aren't allowed to play sober, unless you're one of my children.
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yea I just put it up there for fun and listed it as a practice course, had no idea that was against some rules. People actually complained... losers
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I have 9 acres, 7 baskets, and 2 tone targets. I have a course designed that I can play forward and backward so I use each basket/target twice I also have a basket with 3 holes playing to it so I can play 20, 18, or a short circle of 12, but of course I can always turn around and play the other direction whenever I want. My holes range from 195' to 400' and are all in the woods with anywhere from 8-20 foot wide fairways most are about 12' wide. With them being played forward and backward I have the same number of right and left curving holes so it is good practice I have wanted to get somebody over that throws sidearm so they can tell me what I need to do off the tee for sidearm throwers. Of course I spend a lot more time working on my course than playing there is always something that needs doing.
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If I can even get 20 acres to live on, I would only use 1 for myself and have the other 19 for a course. The baskets and materials are easy, it's finding the perfect spot to plop my flag down.
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Originally Posted by dodgeball View Post
Here's a thread started by another member who made his own home course with a nice layout. At the end of thread, I added some of my own pics, but those are from my local park. Living in the city, I don't have quite enough room for my own 'private' course. Maybe one day

Originally Posted by prerube View Post
Dixie Lee. It is on my wish list.
Thanks guys! Yup, Dixie Lee is mine. I had no idea when I started playing dg that I'd get this into it. With the closest courses an hour away in any direction, I had no choice. And when I started on the course, I had no idea it would turn into a 9 basket layout. I originally had one ebay basket and two portable Skillshots. I hated having to move them all of the time, though. Thus, the Dixie Lee DGC.

I also posted several pictures of other local places where I set up my portables for practice in the other thread dodgeball posted. Some day, there will be another course in the Cumberland, MD area!

Here's the Dixie Lee course page... complete with a couple videos. I really need help!

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I have built a basket out of bomb fins and ammo boxes and have it set up with about 7 different holes. working on my second different design so I can expand my playing.
Attached Images
File Type: jpeg bomb fin basket.jpeg (32.8 KB, 79 views)
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Send a message via Yahoo to tick

Wildapple Disc Golf in Osseo WI is mine. It was my yard, my woods and my sheep pasture before I became addicted to disc golf. Soon it will get an upgrade to 18 championship baskets! Yup, you heard it here first!
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Nice to see you here tick. For everyone else, man is getting close to having a championship layout in his back yard.
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Now that it is finally nice out I made some updates to my backyard - 3 hole "course". Updated a tee pad today and put some tee signs and course sign, that I made over the winter, out. Here are some pics: course sign
hole #1
basket w/ sign in background
new cobble stone "like" tee pad. You can see the real graveyard in that pic
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The Goat Path in Cub Run, KY

1 & 3.jpg

4 & 7.jpg

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