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I have a private course at home. It features 6-10 different natural tee pads shooting from different directions at a single Skillshot basket. The longest one is about 60' but there are multiple trees in play. You just have to watch out for the poison ivy and the dog poop.

All this is to say I wish I had a bigger back yard and admire what you've done there.
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My private course at home, Wrath of Grapes, has 9 targets covers 9 acres and is played forward and backward with holes ranging from 193 to 415 feet all in the woods. Check it out if you want.
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Originally Posted by whitechocolate View Post
All it takes is a long duece to hook someone.
Ain't it the truth?

My buddy has a great 18 hole course through an old orchard that can be set-up in either direction. Since they are flagpoles with cans, they can be repositioned at will, and have some guarding apparatuses around some pins, and a couple of unique mandos that make it a fun huck-and-chug Wednesday.

I had to take to playing the course with a completely different putter, as it was messing with my putting on basket courses, big time (hole out is "can or below".)
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I've got 18 in my yard. I had pics up but they got removed.

here's a pic of my favorite hole in my yard. it's 300 downhill. in front of the pin where all that brown stuff is... is OB. There's about a 8 foot gap between the pin and OB. its an insanely fun hole to throw on. you either have to throw it out right and let it drift back in past the oak or throw right at it and hope it carries the 300.

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im working on one right now. because of limited land, i am designing it with the intent that only midranges and putters will be allowed. unfortunately, clearing out all the burrs that grew last year is slowing me down and its not a safe area to just burn them out. o well, it may take some time but at least it keeps me occupied when the weather sucks enough to were i dont feel like DGing.
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don't even talk to me about burrs... all of that overgrowth right behind that tree is straight up briars covered in honey suckle. not to mention i literally have a colony of wild cats and poisonous snakes living up in it.
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Have 10 fairways (none crossing) and baskets here, called the Ashford Pines. Rather time consuming at times, a lot of fun when people come over. Have had quite a few local scout groups try disc golf for the first time on it.
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i played a 2 round fundraiser tourney at this guy's private course:

it was awesome
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Got the Instep basket earlier this year and have since set up an 18 hole course utilizing this single basket. My back yard is moderately wooded and long and leads to the mid-fairway of an actual ball golf course. the edge of the fairway itself has trees, high brush just to the right of my property and some other trees scattered about. There is an asphalt path separating my yard from the golf course which can be treated as out of bounds as if it were "water". All of the tees for my course utilize prominent markers such as large trees, yardage markers, sprinkler heads, and other permanent items on the course. The first two holes play from each side of my house to an alternate pin position placed at the back of my yard just in front of the path. After that the basket is moved about 35' up towards my house and is centered in my yard. Essentially most drives are fairly wide open, but once you get anywhere from 100' out or so the trees become a huge factor. There are two main "tunnels on each side of my yard that most holes are intended to be thrown towards. The golf course fairway does have some elevation change which helps add to the difficulty.

I like it because you walk a lot more (from same basket to new tee) every hole providing some moderate cardio. and the open fairway is good practice for working on drives while the approaches and putting helps fine tune my aim and precision. It is what it is and I have fun throwing around on it, plus I think it will be a great option during the late Autumn and Winter seasons when the ball golfers are scarce and cabin fever starts setting in.

Holes range from 200' up to 480'

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Cool thread, newbie to the forum here who has high hopes of a small personal course if I get my .75 acre property in N. Georgia. It should be about 280 ft from curb to back so will be a little test. Wish I had more property but this will work for now.

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