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z-buzzz for all of them
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Originally Posted by jivey311 View Post
z-buzzz for all of them
This is exactly what I'm thinking.
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I've only played this in one of the pin positions. The basket is beyond the sidewalk in a little circle of dirt no more than 15' in diameter. All sidewalk is OB so I throw a Buzzz low hoping to slide up low as close to the OB sidewalk as possible and do an elevator putt (if you're right up to the sidewalk you're 15-20' away. I'll hope for the birdie but most likely take a safe three. In my one tournament there I saw a lot of OBs on this hole with several hitting the basket and rolling immediately out of bounds. The tunnel is a little tougher to hit than it looks like.
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I would throw a low pred skipper through the relatively huge gap on the right, either lay up for the 3 or take a birdie depending on where I end up.
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I usually throw a Coyote. Sometimes it doesn't like that though and tries to take a chunk out of my arm ... then I use a Roc
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short pin = ESP Banger gt
Med pin = ESP Banger gt
long pin = Z buzz
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I'm thinkin a Rhyno for the shortest and a Zone for the others. It looks like you don't want to be blasting out of the tunnels here.
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I like to take the wide hyzer route with a Starfire that skips at the end. This prevents me from going over the sidewalk and allows me to get the deuce when basket is in either right position. When the basket is to the left, I tend to throw a straight shot up the middle with a Leopard or Mako.
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Rhino for short,Spider for others.
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In the Home Page picture... the basket is across the sidewalk in the straight position (as opposed to the right position).

Therefore, I would play this Hole with a Hyzer Skip shot with my champion monster (as if going for the right pin location) and putt from there (probably a 25'er slightly uphill).

If you're on the tee... there is a large window that will allow the right side Hyzer skip shot to get safely across the sidewalk.

Home Home Course advantage, I know.
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