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Default How many of each mold do you carry?

Just curious to see how many of each mold you carry. For example I carry 2 teebirds, 2tls, 2 valks, 3 destroyers, 2fbs, and 3 buzzes. Sometimes this feels excessive, but I like them there.

PS I did a search, didn't see anything on the first three pages.
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2 Predators, 3 Wraiths, 3 Teebirds, 3 Comets, 2 Wizards.
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3 Destroyers, 1 Surge SS, 1 Leopard, 2 Buzzz, 1 Stingray, 1 KC Pro Aviar, 1 SSS Wizard
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I have a few molds that I carry two of.
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3-4 destroyers, 2-4 pd's, 2-3 valks, 2 torque, 2-3 comets
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Only one mold I am carrying more than one of right now is my Magic. Can't go without my putter if something ever happened and the one is in premium plastic to take the throwing abuse. Other than that 1 of everything.

Thing is, I am only playing recreational rounds so, no worries. If I was going to compete, I think I would double everything.
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More than four is overkill IMO. Three or less in my bag.
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4-5 Aviars, 3 Rogues (one beat in Pro Line, one First Flight, one Sparkle), two Aftershocks. Only carry extras of these three. But they are my bread and butter, which makes sense why I carry backups. I could play any course with just these three molds and be fine. 500 posts, woot!
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6 rocs and 4 challengers

2 xcals and 2 destroyers
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5 PDs (planning on adding 1-2 more), 2 Rivers, 4 Rocs, 1 Jokeri, 2 Pures.
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