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Default 3 Discs you seem to Click with the most + Why

When somebody asks me 'So , which is your favorite one?' - My answer is always..."All of them!" Because my bag is a set of discs of different types and duties. So my Favorite understable putter is the Pa4....my favorite OS Fast Driver is the Stiletto, my favorite Straight mid is the Buzzz, etc.

BUT, what are 3 discs that you seem to know very well?

-My answers
400 Pa4 - It's one of my favorite discs. I know my 400's well, i have a nice 172g and its not flippy, but once you give it power it carries Left Right. I can toss a short range anhyzer with confidence. This disc feels comfortable in the hand and is easily replaceable....I have a bunch, and they rule the US short game for me - 1 ace

-Valkyrie - I've been throwing this disc for years. Its the perfect control driver for S shape shots. I know with power it will turn, but always fades back unless you really put some annie snap+power.
I could play a whole course with just Tee-ing off with the Valk, it kinda does it all - 1 ace

-Pulse - Same reason, I've used it for years, I know its gonna finish overstable, it handles power, but can be shaped. Not a max D driver, comfortable, easy forehands, confident backhands into the wind. Goes, fades left. Not crazy OS, but enough to not fear the wind, All around one of my favorite discs. I may replace it with an Enforcer in the future, but then again, I love the Pulse, Discraft did a nice job on this disc - 3 - Aces
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KC Pro Aviar- I used to not like them but after trying every other putter, Aero to Wizards, I chose to go with Aviars and try them, and now don't want to putt with anything else. They're dead straight in the circle, and just awesome discs.

Katana-Some of my favorite all around discs. FH or BH, either one. Can really put it out there, or take some off and play a hyzer line, or if absolutely need be throw a flex anny line, and I carry an older, beat in champ katana for anhyzer lines, slowly pans out and rides it to the ground.

ROC3-Just a great all around disc. With just one disc, it's easy to shape the lines needed, or if you're like me, I've got a beat KC Pro Roc3 and a fresh KC Pro Roc3, along with a proto roc3 and a champ roc3 for just about every thing I could need. I throw mids probably 65% of the time whether driving or throwing from the field.
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Wizard - I knew on the first couple throws that it was the one. I haven't looked back. Equally good for putting, approaching, and driving.

Atlas - Holds any line you put on it. It's the most embarrassing disc in my bag, but it just works. Got hooked on it through the DGCR Atlas thread. Stupid Atlas.

Teebird - Cuz, Teebird. Often imitated, never replicated.
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RDG Scale - In any plastic, it is just a phenomenal mold! The Fossils make amazing OS putters, the Fuel gives a little softer feeling and has been nice in this cold Michigan weather, and the Domey Armor premium plastic gives loads of glide and is the absolute best driving putter I've ever laid hands on. Full power rips without any fear if it turning over and it will hit and stick after a nice hard fade. Just a thing of beauty.

Prodigy 750 M4 - As someone who is still struggling with a weak forehand game (after 13 years of playing) having a understable turnover disc is a must. The M4 is understable enough that I can get strong right turns out of it, but it's still stable enough that it doesn't dump and turn into a roller. I have not found any other mids that have this ability to take an anhyzer line so well, but not ever flip.

Prodigy 400G D2 - Overstable enough to REALLY take some power, great glide for an OS driver, solid in wind, amazing flex lines, and the best feeling premium plastic on the market! First disc I broke 400' with and has improved my driving by a good 40'. Previously I had used Nukes and Destroyers, but the D2 just clicked perfectly. Now on a 400' hole, I can go for it instead of trying to place an approach. Good feeling.
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Kaxe- OS "midrange" tweeter disc. Can handle plenty of power, great for hyzers and flex shots, powers down extremely well, can keep it low so great in the woods, nice skip ability, K1 plastic is the best there is. Basically its a squished Roc in premium plastic that does everything a little bit better.

Leopard- Hyzer flip to flat for straight shots, throw it flat to finish to the right, will hold a hyzer well, love the feel and fit in hand, surprising long for a speed 6. Classic.

Berg- K3 plastic seems to be indestructible. Drops out of the sky right where I want it to. Does not fly past. Great feel and I love puddle tops. Chain grabber. Great for spin or splush.
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Even though I just started playing in the last four years or so, my experimental years encompassed a pretty big explosion of new discs to try out. I still carry as many as seven different manufacturers in my bag. But here's the weird thing, I've really come to rely on the same discs everybody seems to find the 'dependables': my Discraft CyZtal Buzzz for midrange duties and my Innova Champ Teebird for the totally dependable fairway slot.

For a third, there are several contenders, but lately, if I'm going for maximizing my meager distance off the tee, with dependable glide and flight lines, I've gotta say right now it's my Innova Gummy Champ Tern.

Those three discs have four of my aces on them, so I'm pleased with their familiarity!
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Orion LF- Based off the best rim/wing ever made (Firebird) and a perfect combination of turn and fade for working all sorts of lines or solid all out distance. 1.2 Q, 1.1 Q, and 1.1 SOLFs can cover all driver needs.

Rancho Roc - Best mid in the game. A Champ Rancho and a few KCs and DXs cover everything from beef to turnover, and from 150' to 300'. And nothing does 300' lasers like a seasoned Roc.

Wizard - Lots of putters work just great. Wizard among them. But OLFs, Rocs, and Wizards are a complete bag with which you could tackle any course.
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envy: super reliable and nasty far for a putter. It fits my grip perfectly and for me i know exactly what the disc is going to do every time i throw it. This disc has solidified my approach game and drives up to 275.

Warship: An extension of my arm. this disc does what i tell it to every throw. anny,soft hyzers, dead nuts straight with minimal fade. the glide allows me to sneak some extra distance without over powering my throw. Probably my favorite disc to throw of all time. my throwing buddies hate my warship because they know when i am throwing it its parked!

Leopard: Took it out for a bit but now its back and never leaving my bag. slight turn on a full rip and minimal fade. heavy champ is great for dead straight with a nice fade on hyzer lines. A champ and a pro leopard can cover a good amount of my drives around these parts. This is the driver that took my game from hack to well less of a hack! leopards for life. especially with the new l3!
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XL - fits perfectly in my hand and flies perfectly for what I want it to do. I throw it as often as possible and only go to a faster disc when the extra few feet will bring a putt.

Breaker - Dependable and they all fly the same. I can add a fresh proline breaker in the bag and know exactly what it will do.

Buzzz - They all seem the same and they are dependable.
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PD - It seems surprising, but I've never liked any distance driver of any kind until the PD arrived. I didn't like ANY of the previous drivers that I bagged or tried. And there were a lot of them. Of the other distance drivers still around - the only other ones I'd even consider bagging or throwing anymore would be the SL and the Sidewinder (neither still bagged). "Distance" to me is speed 8+. I still don't truly bag any other distance driver molds, just PDs. It goes straight. It doesn't get squirrelly. You can control its fade, but it's a "fade-forward" disc for the most part. And it's available in a variety of plastics & weights. A beat in P PD can cover a turnover driver's duties as well. I also bag ONE disc faster than the PD solely for "wide open max distance" duties.

Omega / Small-Bead Aviar - It seems counter-intuitive, but for the first 5 years of disc golf, I didn't know what my favorite putter was. When I originally got it - I knew it was an Aviar. I just didn't know what kind of Aviar it was (it was beat in, stamp had mostly worn off) and then I lost it. I had been trying a ton of putters, and tried the Aviar PnA many times, but it never truly clicked with me. Tried the XD, Challenger, Classic Aviar, Dart, Magic, Warlock, Voodoo, Wizard, Putt'r, Magnet, Radius, APX, Blowfly, Titanic and more, then I found the Glow Aviar. Finally - it clicked. And then later - I found out why the Glow Aviar worked - it was the small-bead model. Moved on to the Omega. I love this mold and keep going back to it. If you can make it dance (hyzer it, make it turnover, fly straight and land on a dime - you'd bag that disc always). I almost always keep one in the bag even though I've been trying to use only Wizards as the main putter mold lately.

Wizard - Despite loving the Omega (see above). I still love the Wizard too. I tend to use the Wizard mainly for longer-range duties and I can't truly make them turn over as much as I can the Omegas. In the end, the Wizard is just too good not to bag as a disc you can rely on for a variety of things. I'd be perfectly happy running a bag filled with just Wizards and Omegas.
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