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I finally bit and picked up a clear 176. Impressions: Very difficult to find, even in open grass, will have to dye. When I get a good throw, it flies like a dream--tight line, steady fade near the end the flight, and farrrrr. However I frequently do not get good throws. I get a lot of right turns on it, and I mean hard right turns. Like grip lock type turns. I don't know what the issue is, and may be similar to Bro D's above, but it's frustrating since I know what the disc is capable of. I'm not giving up yet though, I've had a number of beautiful shots that keeps me coming back to figure this out. Hopefully I do--and soon.
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Finally feel like I've thrown the Vector enough to review it. I've thrown two different ones, both in the 174-176 range, one flat, one moderately domey.

For reference, I throw a Buzzz 300' consistently, powering them I'll get them near 350'

What I liked:
- I like for my overstable midranges to be overstable. That is, I want for it to start to fade before it loses too much of its speed. The Vector is that kind of overstable.
- The fade began at a consistent point in its flight, and I felt very much in control of the Vector after only a couple throws.
- The feel in the hand is great. It feels much like a Wasp or Roc.
- Very durable. I skipped it across some concrete on accident and found zero witness marks.
- HOLDS A HYZER. I could torque it over a bit when I threw it flat, but thrown on a hyzer, the Vector held every single bit of the angle.

What I didn't like:
- The Vector didn't handle wind like I hoped it would. For a disc that fades as hard as a Champ Roc, I expect to see little or no flip when thrown flat into a headwind. But the Vector consistently turned up and off line before fighting back. Most frustrating, however, is that the Vector held a hyzer angle just as much into a headwind as it did with no wind. So it was very difficult to hyzer flip it well.
- Color. I threw a stock orange one, and a clear one dyed red. Both were more difficult to find than any of the other discs in my bag. The orange one was transparent enough to blend in, and the dyed Vector got dark before it got opaque during the dye process.

I'm a bit disappointed, but will continue to try MVPs discs, as I like what they're trying to do.
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Sorry to say, but to me that sounds like you're getting a cleaner release with hyzer than you are getting when throwing flat.
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The disc hates OAT. I've had a few that I've thrown flutter just a bit when I released them level, and it ended horribly, with the disc flipping quickly.

A smooth release, and it'll hold a great line, though.
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Originally Posted by jubuttib View Post
Sorry to say, but to me that sounds like you're getting a cleaner release with hyzer than you are getting when throwing flat.
I can see Vectors flipping a little if powered flat into a stiff wind. I think it is more likely that he has not quite found the right angle of hyzer to work the flat shot. The Vector certainly does not move much, so once you find the right amount of hyzer it will flip just a touch, hold, and fade. I don't make any mistakes with the Vector that I can't quickly diagnose.
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Ok so I think I am going to be taking this disc out of my bag as bad as it hurts me to do it. I Have been throwing this disc for almost a month now and it flies very nice and holds a nice hyzer line the entire length of its flight. My big problem is I just cant get any distance out of it this disc. I keep hearing people talk about this disc having tons of glide but the two I have thrown just dont go anywhere for me and seem to have no glide at all.

I have been throwing a lat 64 pain and I can consistently hit the same lines with it but I can throw it 50-75ft further with less effort.
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I've enjoyed my overstable Vectors since they came out. I really like my Vectors for windy days, flex shots, and hyzers, but it is too overstable for me to throw with touch on most midrange shots. I thought mine would break in naturally, but after many tree hits the change in flight is minimal. So I decided to take things into my own hands and simulate some wear on one of my Vectors. I threw it point blank at a tree a bunch of times and then took it across some rough pavement repeatedly. I also flexed it pretty extremely many times. The overmold ended up scraped up in several areas, though not uniformly. The bead however got completely roughed up all the way around (not easy as that Vector core plastic is perhaps the toughest one the market). I smoothed all the really rough spots, but the disc now has a sort of fuzzy texture on the wing and bead.

I've now played two rounds with the new beaten Vector, and the results have been very surprising and pleasing to me thus far. Rather than overstable, my Vector is now a line holding machine with almost no fade (on a flat release). It has a touch of high speed turn, but it happens so gradually that the disc holds the line unless I throw it full power. If thrown with hyzer it flips just enough to push forward and glide as it fades throughout the flight. The glide is much more pronounced in my Vector now, especially at low and medium speeds. I can now throw it with touch on midrange shots, so I'm very excited to explore it's new potential in the coming weeks.
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I got to see some Vectors being made today. I also got to check out the newest stock at the MVP warehouse and throw some new run Vectors as well. They have got them running exactly how they want them now...all with uniform moderate domes. They feel like my overstable FRs in terms of dome, but they have a slightly lower parting line. In terms of flight they were slightly overstable...Not nearly as overstable as the ones FRs I have. They are now flying exactly how I hoped they would initially...They were holding a line on 300'+ shots into and with 10-15mph winds, and fading later and more forward than the FRs. They are still a little more stable than my seasoned Vector, but even so are closer to those in stability than my most overstable FRs. They also seemed to glide a little more.

Chad said that after some dome consistency issues with the FRs (especially the earliest ones), they have figured things out and that these new Vectors represent what he wanted them to be all along...A slightly overstable midrange...Something that flies fairly straight, doesn't turn, and has a prominent late fade. The new colors were awesome as well. The ice blue looks clear in your hand, but against the ground looks really blue. I took a couple of crimson (purplish red) ones for myself as that color really pops.
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Got my vector yesterday, test thru it in the field a few times. Flew just like my beat wasp. First hole I threw it on, dead straight, faded straight through the chains for a spit out. I like this disc
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Default Compare to Lat. 64 Core?

Seems like a high-speed Pain with the glide and flight of a Core? Found a clear 1st run if anyones' interested.
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