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I like how the two different tee pads completely change the hole, which doesn't happen often enough on some courses.

Blue:ESP Meteor or ESP Avenger SS
White: Flx pred with a nice skip towards the basket
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Blue: Vision with hyzer

White: Sidewinder with slight anhyzer
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Awesome one I've played!

I shot from the blue and tbird up the middle then buzzz and then putted it in I believe.

An awesome course. Too bad it got dark by hole 13
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Blue tee,Right at it with a beast,White tee,Firebird x
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Short Z pred, low hyzer
long ESP cyclone high anhyzer.
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Originally Posted by Naldoxcore View Post
Thanks for the update

I've been planning on playing Oregon for a while, things just keep coming up. I was going to tomorrow, but I guess I'll just wait for the new 18 to be done. Let me know when it's all done!
That's a good plan. I assume you play Wills more than anywhere else?
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blue: pro firebird pretty flat skip
white: champ leopard on slight anny
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Blue: 175 Star Beast, hyzer
White: 170 S-Line CD Craze, anhyzer
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Either tee looks pretty fun to throw on. From the blue tee, I am going with a Champ Beast, RHBH, and put a little hyzer on it, swing it to the right of the tree, keepin it low and have it skip back towards the basket. From the white, I am putting some anny on my TL and have it go from left to right and end towards the basket, RHBH.
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Blue/Short: Eagle-L, low hyzer line...looks like
White/Long: Flippy Eagle time! possibly a beat PD, anny...wind will play a role in that.
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