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Smile Distance with the various discs

I've been playing for only about 3 weeks, but have been throwing quite a bit for practice. My first disc purchase was a starter package with a putter, mid-range, and fairway driver @150g each. Since then I've picked up about 10 other discs that vary in characteristics and weight. The strange thing is; whenever I lineup on the openfield to practice my distance/accuracy, there is an uncanny gathering of the discs within an area of about 20-30 feet. Sometimes they're almost in a straight line, as far as distance, from the putter right on up to the distance driver. What the heck!!

Every once in a while I can uncork a nice drive of maybe 320+ ft with my innova eagle, but mostly I'm around 280 ish. That includes with or against the wind. No rhyme or reason. I can regularly throw my putt and approach discs 220 or so, and very accurate. I don't understand the lack of seperation between the different discs. Any thoughts or tips would be appreciated. Thanks!!
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It's almost definitely a nose angle issue. Slower discs, like putters and mids, are more forgiving when it comes to nose angle (they still fly well with no nose down or even some nose up) but drivers require nose down to get distance. The three main things to look at are:

1. Keeping the disc close to your chest during your pull
2. Getting your weight over your plant foot at the hit
3. Having proper disc orientation in your hand and having proper wrist orientation

I'd recommend working with your putters, mids and fairway drivers until you're hitting 330' or so consistantly before you worry about the distance drivers. As you're finding, they won't really help out any and have the possibility of encouraging bad habits.
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you are getting good distance with your putter. it took me a while to get my distance drivers to do what they were supposed to. when you get your for down good you get a lot of snap twist and what not to max the distance of those drivers. it took me almost a year to throw my putter `230-250 and my drivers `425-450. i will take practice and watching/using good form
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You could try looking at some of these clinic videos....


hope they help
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Distance drivers are what everyone wants to throw but what people find out is that they are very hard to toss.

Just continue to work on accuracy with good form. Try the x step unless you toss FH.

I would also suggest not getting a starter kit, but hey you need to start somewhere. Check ebay for great deals. Discs are relatively cheap so buy away and learn!

You can learn bad habits quick trying to throw 400 ft. If you already can hit 300, just work on that accuracy. It will pay off on technical courses. I understand that chicks dig the long throws but in the long run you will develop into a better player. My problem when I started was, I wanted to impress everybody with my 400ft drive that I could never control. I wish I would have spent more time on accuracy.
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A lot of the differences start to show up the better your form is. When you have good form and get a good snap on the disc your driver will fly a lot further than your mid range and putters. No worries, I had the same issue when I started playing back this past September. Arm speed will increase with time so don't go out there and try and throw it forever if you still need to work on your form.
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In nearly two years of playing, I've throw a disc 400' no more than 10 times, and maybe only one or two of those throws could be considered "accurate." Being able to control a 300' drive will do more for your score than being able to fling a 400' drive across an open field, and it should be an achievable goal with your "fairway" drivers. That's not to say practicing for distance isn't useful. Just make sure to keep it in perspective. What chicks really dig is low scores.

Some of the distance gap also depends on the particular discs you're using. There are midrange models that will float forever if you throw them right, even if they're not nearly as "fast" out of your hand as the drivers. It amazes me how far my Coyote will float with the right form and in the right conditions.

What kind of line through the air are your discs following? Is it a high arc or a straight and low path?
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I think i'm having an issue that was discussed. I think my distance issue is nose angle. I tend to throw with the nose up. What is a good angel at release and what tips are there for correcting this issue?
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i struggled with that problem a lot jack, especially forehand. i actually lean more forward and this prevents me from releasing at a high angle. a lot of concentration will also let you aim more. i also found that some discs naturally rise more like the monarch. i have seen it rise so much after the initial release.
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also releasing on a flat angle is the best for me usually
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