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Pred or River depending on wind. Clean up with Magic.
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RHBH xg boss
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Hyzer-flipped Star Leopard, Buzzz, then hopefully putt for a three. Surge instead of Leo if there is much wind.
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Pro wraith, then either voodoo or buzzz for the upshot, then putting.

Also, steeler love! Jets suck the dick!
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Destroyer then Buzzz then Magnet.

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Looks like a fun opportunity to throw a FH sky roller with my Flick. Probably would have a shot at a long duece, but would probably lay up with the Ridge and take the 3.
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Beat star katana then finish with the rhyno
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That's a big ole field. I'd be tempted to whip out the 150 P-PD and bomb if the wind isn't bad. Otherwise it's an Eagle-X and an Ion x2 if the drive is good or it's a Nebula/Fuse ---> Ion if my drive is suxxors.
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RHFH Z Nuke, then an upshot with my buzzz hopefully leading to a tap in
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1. 175 Star Beast, hyzer flipped
2. Wizard
3. Wizard
4. Par
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