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Losing discs

Hey, it's part of the game, so let's get it out and talk about it. Anybody have some funny stories?
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Funny? No.
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Okay, I'll start ...

Still learning, trying to get to the basket on #5 at Dolese (Oklahoma City). Stuck behind a huge tree with no direct route, so I figured I'd pitch out toward the lake and have the disc fade back in. Seemed like a pretty safe shot because the wind was blowing off the lake at about 25 mph, like it usually does, so I reached back and hucked it.

OK, so now you gotta know that this was a Roc that I was throwing, so (I didn't realize this) it held the line I put it on, NO MATTER WHAT.

So the disc kept going, straight arrow into the lake. As far as I know, it's still out there providing endless hours of fascinating discussion for the local fish
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Originally Posted by skurf View Post
Funny? No.
I agree. All my lost disc stories are sad.

Last summer I lost 3 Pro Wraiths in about a week at the same course. I was playing a final practice round the night before a tournament when I threw the first one over a fence that separated the course from the interstate. I hopped the fence and spent about an hour searching the long grass on the slope down to the interstate but couldn't find it anywhere. I was freaking out about losing my "go to" driver on the night before the tournament, so I went to a local sporting goods store and paid way to much to replace it.

During the tournament, I grip locked the new Wraith into some trees alongside an OB creek, never to be seen again. Not in the tree, not over the creek, not in the creek (it was only a couple inches deep at the time). This was the last hole before looping back to the first hole, so as I passed the shelter, I asked the TD if there were any rules about buying and adding a disc to your bag mid-round. He said no, as long as you mark it right away. So I bought another Pro Wraith (at a slightly better price) and finished the round.

About a week later at the same course, I threw a shot that was a little high and hit a low branch on a lone tree in the fairway, and it just freaking vanished. It wasn't a thick tree so if it was stuck up in it, I should have been able to see it. I didn't hear it come out, but I looked all over the place under the tree and past it in case it had kept moving. Two guys even stopped and helped me look for a solid 20 minutes but it was gone.

So 3 discs, all the same mold, lost on 1 course in 1 week. They all had my name and phone number on them, but no one ever contacted me. Believe it or not, I still consider Pro Wraiths to be my favorite driver. I now carry a spare in my bag, and even an extra one waiting at home, but I haven't lost another one since.
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Originally Posted by skurf View Post
Funny? No.
Yeah, pretty much sums it up. I threw two discs into the same lake in the same tournament and am hoping that the monthly dive on the course will turn them up.
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Check out the picture for Hole #10 at Gillies Creek Park here. See that first little bunch of trees? When I was still a bit of a beginner, I threw one that hooked right into those trees, hitting low. There is actually a drain in there, like you'd see in the curb on a city street, maybe 18" tall, 36" wide. Those scrawny trees have grown up around the concrete fixture that was left in place from a now gone street. It's a very small little bunch of trees around concrete, so I can't see how the disc went anywhere else, but I never found it. I assume the disc went down the drain, literally.
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I have about 3 bags worth

In the ponds at Quail Valley Links It's rather sick. I have gotten a few back, but I still think I've spent a lot less on discs than balls, clubs and green fees
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I had something interesting happen on Tuesday. I was at my practice field, practicing some of my drives. I tee off by the sidewalk right next to the street. Let me preference this by saying that I am kind of a local disc golf celebrity in my small town. Actually most people know me as they guy in the field who throws Frisbees. I get it all over town. People say, "hey , your that guy I see in the field by the library throwing Frisbees."

On this day, I had my son and daughter out there with me and I was helping them work on their drives. A truck pulls up and honks and they guy says "Hey , I found this a while back. I figured I would see you out here, because you are out here all the time", and he hands me a disc I haven't seen in over a month. It was an SOLS that used to be white, but now it was faded yellow. Looks like it was quite weathered. I was surprised to get it back and I thanked the guy and he drove off. After he drove off, I started to wonder, why he didn't just call the number on the back.
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What can't be destroyed can be lost!

There is a hole at D.F. Buchmiller Park (Lancaster, PA) that has a busy road along the left side of the fairway. The hole also has a bunch of trees and no clear path to the basket. I decided that I would throw FH and put a lot of hyzer on it so it comes back to the fairway after passing close to the road. Of course this is not what actually happened. My star beast that I found by climbing twenty feet up into a thorn covered tree landed right in the road. A passing truck then ran over it before I could retrieve it. However, it was totally unharmed. I continued to throw it until I lost it at Lums Pond, DE during a practice round. I looked for over an hour but finally gave up.
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I was playing Lebanon DGC in Lebanon Ky for the first time a few weeks ago. The first hole is around 285ft with a pond that you have to go around on the right side, or carry over the pond to get to the basket. I typically throw a few shots to warm up a little before I play. This day was no different, so I thought. I pulled out a Champ Monarch, walked up to the tee and was going to throw a little turnover shot starting at the right edge of the pond and turning over into the open field. I let go of the disc waaaaay early with a hyzer angle, and not nearly enough spin for it to even start to turn over. It landed in the middle of the pond, and skipped, but still about 30ft from the edge.

On a warm up shot of all things? I guess I'll aim more toward the field next time...
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