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Originally Posted by JAKE master View Post
oh, well in my boredom i did some digging. i though it was weird how lack luster and nondescript you were about hitting an ace in a tourny. i get exciting telling stories of watching aces. what hole, was the disc in your player pack?
i assume you meant 4th annual ice bowl cuz 3rd annual the volt wasnt released.
looks like they didnt mention anyone hitting an ace in the results.
yea, w/e ice bowl was this winter.

lol kid, if you dont beleive me contact hoovie (the tournament director) here: http://www.wausaudiscgolf.org/contact.html

i could care less what someone on the internet thinks. A for effort though, keep digging and you will find the truth.
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Originally Posted by BlueBells View Post
I grabbed one of the soft neutron ions....should've grabbed another one and bagged them both. Because they are awesome. If you like soft putters, I can't advocate this one enough.

For me it feels like a new soft proton ion with better grip and just a touch more consistent.
Absolutely agree, got them in today and they are .
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Originally Posted by smdude View Post
Absolutely agree, got them in today and they are .
I just finished my daily practice putts and used my new soft N-Ion, im sure its just in my head (and also due to the putt 360 i have been doing past few days) but i was nailing 40ft putts more than usual today, over the 50% mark.

Although sometimes i get a bad release due to the soft plastic at any distance, this is why i prefer stiff plastic because i get the exact same feel and grip every time and it doesn't fluxuate as much.

Being that the weather is still chilly and wet on the ground, the soft is working better for me at the moment.

Soft is a special occasion use only for me, but i like it a lot.
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I had a the textured bottom run med opaque but tried the smooth bottom soft opaque when they first came out. The softs just melted into the chains and had fewer spit outs than the med. so I've been using softs ever since. I've got some med opaques and neutrons I've practice putted with but they don't make them in my preferred glide for a mile 167 anymore so I haven't tried to change.

To the fellow requesting a gummy outermold, I've never had an issue with them grabbing chains in any conditions. IMO, they grab great on the right side (pro side) and too well on the left (am side) causing spin outs.

Thanks again for the soft neutron reviews, damn Dynamic Disc free shipping minimum monopoly
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Originally Posted by New013 View Post
so go ahead and put all of your PDs on the marketplace
idk about that yet, ive still gotta try a 2nd run shock.
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Originally Posted by in4d View Post
i would rather have a river in my bag than the amp.. im not a fan of the amp, i have only thrown the new run once and it was def more under-stable than the stable "freak" first run i had. the river will do more of what you would want an "understable" disc to do anyways.

The Shock (new run) is beefy, you wont be able to turn it at your power level, it might be a good disc for you on windy days or if you need something that fades far left on a hyzer or something, very useful for certain situations, but the volt covers so much middle ground, it doesn't leave much room for other fairway driver slots
Thanks man, I actually just got an Opto River 171g last weekend and like it a lot so far. Seems like a faster leopard. When I can get it to hyzer flip it fly's really good! So maybe I'll just get a new run shock for head wind duty. Any particular weight you recommend?
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Anybody see the Nano? Just released on FB
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Originally Posted by Thomas437 View Post
^^^^ Pow!

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Volt/Shock/Amp combo is amazing.. Tangent is great too.. Going to drop about $60 on some new discs to redo my bag.. Ugh.. MVP is too good.
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