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Got an Axis in today and threw it around a bit. I enjoyed it. I have a few Buzzzs in my bag but I'll keep this one around too. It had a ton of glide and felt nice in my hand.
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Originally Posted by Menacewarf View Post
I think for now it's because they are focused on new molds.
Oh, I know. I'm just saying.

Besides, just because a disc company can make a disc, doesn't mean they will.

Although I'm still holding out for a Crystal FLX Zeppelin.
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Default MVP vs Discraft

So MVP experts, help me out here. I had an amazingly bad round today, and chucked an Avenger and an Avenger SS in Alum Creek Reservoir on back to back holes this afternoon (in my defense the winds were a steady 20mph with gusts over 40). As I'm in no way attached to those two molds I'm not terribly bummed out. The Avenger was in the bag to experiment with throwing into headwinds, and the SS was a replacement for a Sidewinder that I never really clicked with and ended up losing. I did like the SS better than the 'Winder, but I was just starting to figure it out. I definitely need a replacement in the "understable fast fairway" slot, and wouldn't mind having a replacement for the Avenger, as I did throw it in more situations than my Firebird.

So my question is this: How would the Amp and Shock work to replace these two discs? I already have an Anode and Volt, and know I like MVP discs. My Volt seems like a longer Eagle to me, so I'm thinking that even though Inbounds claims the Amp and Shock are shorter than the Avengers, in reality they'll probably throw fairly similar distances. However, I'm curious about the lines the MVP discs will hold when compared the the Discraft duo. Any thoughts you guys have would be very much appreciated.

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I would say a beat-in avenger and amp are pretty similar but avenger SS has more HSS turn(flippy) than any MVP driver, shock will be much more OS than a avenger IMO more like a predator which is great for headwinds. If you want a true turn-over disc for 200-330 I would suggest the tangent or axis even and otherwise shape the volt. Amp seems to hold a long turn but also will come back given enough height.
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Originally Posted by Mike C View Post
Nano looks awesome!! Looks like it may replace my Vectors!! haha. Any preference between Proton and Neutron?
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those Nanos look nice and stable, and that makes me happy.

@Mike C, nice choice of whimsical music for this video!
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Mike, how tall is the Nano? It looks like it's going to be a blast to throw. I'm going to have to buy a few.

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Maybe 1/4 inch deep. If I hold a quarter up to the inner rim, its a little less than half the width if the coin. Sorry, no idra where my tape measure is...

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That video was delightful They're really fun to throw.
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