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I like pink..MVP Discs...and I'm proud!

Honestly, I just have one criteria for color - can I see it hidden in that bush that is probably Poison Oak? Bright orange and yellow-green tend to be the best for the courses I play.
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that dayglow color is yellow-green at Disc Nation

And I just received a lot of them today

We have a hell of a time sorting between yellow-green and bright green in Proton. Only way to tell with Proton is to look at where the overmold and flight plate meet, it is the darkest truest color spot.

I did noticed that the bright yellow got darker this time around for the N Amp. It was always more like the yellow on the far left in that picture. We would honestly list the "true yellow" as gold based on our color scale
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My "yellow" volt and axis are both of the "highlighter" variety. Guess I lucked out with my online transactions.
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Man you all are picky. I had to go out to my car and get my discs so I could look at my yellow Ion heh. I actually picked mine up in a store, but it was the one on top of the stack of Ions, so it wasn't the luck of online, but I didn't dig thru to compare. Mine was like the middle Ion, so pretty close to the yellow on their Tensor page.

When I ordered my Eraser Wizard, I did specify I would prefer it to be "as pink as a school box eraser" I figured if they had it, I may as well get it as close to my preference, but if they were out and it wasn't that shade, not the end of the world. Once I find out about a job I interviewed for, pat of my next order is going to be a trio of X Comets and it looks like all 3 will be Light Orange based on current stock that I'm seeing at various online retailers. I wonder how closely they will all match heh
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Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
How many is "several?" You can buy directly from MVP at a 32 disc minimum. It'll cost you roughly $10 per disc shipped, which ain't too shabby for some premium plastic.
great to know, thanks!
Originally Posted by DiscNutt123 View Post
I need to find someone to go in 50/50 on this with me...
I'm planning a charity disc tournament and will be buying discs for most every entry. once I get budgeting finalized if I can go thru mvp I will let know know so you can get in on it possibly.
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So with all this talk of midrange overlap, heres what i find to be working best for me.

Tensor for Overstable slot
Beat Vector for long straight to stable slot (because it flies like a fresh axis with more wind resistance)
Tangent for short straight to long understable midrange shots.

This covers my midrange bag... i feel terrible about letting my axis go so im going to keep one in the bag to make me feel better
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I love my white Volt. But what a bad choice on my part for these awesome Michigan winters

I'm seriously debating just going all MVP at this point. It's taking over my bag. Dropped my buzzes for the vector, grabbed a tangent and pretty much the only driver seeing the air is my volt. Anode for putting though I'm starting to think I should grab the ion.

First tournament of the year is next Saturday, hopefully work allows me some practice.
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Originally Posted by JoshH989 View Post

I'm seriously debating just going all MVP at this point. It's taking over my bag.
I know the feeling. Soon as I get a few more to fill all my slots I will be going all mvp.
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I've gone all MVP and it feels great! I get a lot of people asking me about my discs.

"What kind of disc is that?!" Is the popular question, solely on their appearance. Then after I throw them, the people usually probably rush to go buy some.

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^same.. happened 3 times today at a 9'er-- I let them get a feel on.
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