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Originally Posted by adamlamar View Post
I've been dyeing for a few months now, but when I did my first dye I learned that if you don't heat the dye enough, black looks brown on yellow plastic.

I also learned that cutting from the inside of the design outward is much easier that the reverse, especially if you're cutting after the contact paper is on the disc.
If your still around posting, I have to ask: Why a power strip?
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My first, during the big "Fear the Beard" World Series Run

Screwed up the SF in the hat, and had to redo the stencil twice
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Default My First

My first dye just finished. Some bleeding on my edges but i'm pleased with it overall... also my first post so I hope this works right.
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Happy with how it turned out, a couple small bleeds but a whole lot of fun!

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oops sorry for the huge picture, I meant to resize it but I guess it didn't work
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Nice 1st man, cool stencil
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The Mountain Hardwear logo on the left was my first, and Shakespeare was my second.
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First dyes. Contact paper and Rit dye, no bleeding! Really long dips....as in 5 hours. They are Pro Wraiths for me ans my wife. We are both very pleased at how they turned out!
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I did a SC marble dye but this is my first dip dye, and first plastic bag marble done on it as well.

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My First Dye I actually did 3 that night...

I lost this one about 2 weeks ago so I redid it... This is about the 10th disc I have done. It's about as close to perfect as I have gotten. No bleeds, centered & clean cuts.

I just did my first multi-color last weekend...

I wasn't real happy with it but apparently it's not as bad as I thought it was. I got frustrated at the bleeds. But it was good practice because I have 3 more trophy discs to do this week.
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