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R-Pro Whoops (Wahoo)

DX Roc LHBH straight shot
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The hole is actually a little different now. It's offset farther to the left, and a direct run is a little harder now. The basket is built up on a lot safer, larger pedestal as well. I don't have a good picture of it, but a strong mid, easy fairway driver is usually good for a run. It is a fun hole, and can create some of the most puckering putts on the property. There is ob past the basket, where the drop off is.
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hm.... wonder how easy disc retreival would be. i'd wanna throw an ESP wasp, which is oop, so i might throw something more dispensable like a z buzzz instead
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The water is brown and disc retrieval is not easy. Fortunately Steve has a lost and found, so mark your disc. This hole eats my lunch and I find the hardest part was the low lying tree forcing you to keep your throw low from the tee. After losing a disc, believe it or not I laid up to the edge of the pond (30-40 ft.) and then had a considerbly easier throw over and with no OB. I go with a Star Starfire since I like the flight path of the disc.

The hole is called the conjugal visit, because no matter what you do, by the end you usually end up wet. Fantastic course and one of the best in Texas.
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I'd throw a brand new ce Teebird....if I had one
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Why would someone skip a hole bc of water. Its just plastic.
That be said ill throw a dx teebird on a slight hyzer at it if it to the left now. Putt with a wizard for the deuce.
I love holes like this.
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foehand whippit (maybe an older DX, but I doubt it, 'cause you need to be confidant with the huck)
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Champ Orc I use for water holes such as this one.
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kc pro roc for sure . i have a stack of 12x so it would not ruin my time if i lost one. id like to take some scuba gear there, i bet that water is filled with discs we did that at a local course and pulled out 24 discs in only 30 minutes
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that looks wicked!
ultra light champ destroyer (157g)
low line looks to be needed, don't care if I lose the disc, and the speed of it should get me there when thrown low
plus I don't throw far
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