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i've been playing for about a year and 4 months and finally broke under par twice last week!!! Two rounds each scoring 53 at redan. It was a goal i had been working at for quite some time.
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I shot my first under-par round after three weeks of playing (I got addicted and played ~3 rounds a day) during a monthly tournament. I banged a 45' putt to save par on the last hole to keep my 1 under status... and finish even for the tournament (and... I placed 4th).

But... I was fortunate enough to have Ultimate experience on my side and to have played my first round with some local pros who got me started on the right track (grips, x-step, putts, etc...). And, I used to play ball golf, so I understood good golf strategy.
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Originally Posted by tamahawk View Post
I've been playing 2.5yrs, still looking for my first under par round.
I posted this a couple of days ago, but actually got my first under par round (-2) on Friday afternoon. Played 54 holes at Radcliff City Park and shot a 59, 57, and a the last round a 52!

I was so excited to finally get a round under par, thought I would update my post.
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Originally Posted by runnaman View Post
How long did it take you to get your first round under par?
OK, I've just gotta ask-- what is par?

Ahhh... I can hear the collective groans already!
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it took me about 6 months... and then i couldn't do it again for a long time now its a normal thing
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Originally Posted by Olorin View Post
OK, I've just gotta ask-- what is par?

Ahhh... I can hear the collective groans already!
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