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Default Best discs for throwing backhand....

One day I was throwing discs in a field and started to throw some of them backhanded. When I did that, I went "holy (bleep)" because I found that I could throw them just as far, or even farther, and even with more accuracy thand my forehand drives.

The discs I mostly used were my Pro Beast, Starfire DX, and a Champion Monarch (with a grove lid, makes a nice huge S turn when I throw it right). What would you recommend as good backhand discs?
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I am looking to throw it long and straight.
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Originally Posted by pdisc View Post
I am looking to throw it long and straight.
I rediscoverd my DX Viking last night. It goes very far and very straight. I only throw backhand
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Upon further review the call has been reversed and I am back to forehand drives. To many grip locks and God knows what else. Always an adventure when I throw backhand.Forehand is much better and I use a teebird(164g)but have found it does well for some backhanders too.
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Dont know your are speed/power/technique...etc? Teebirds are good disc that fly straight and are reliable.
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The straightest flying disc I have ever thrown (RHBH) is the Discraft XL.
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pretty much anything stable to slightly understable will probably float your boat. Try a Viking or Valkyrie and depending on if it's too much/not enough disc for you move up or down the speed list.
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My best long and straight backhand is an Avenger SS.
Other good choices are JLS, Teebird and Eagle.
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Pick a stable disc, right in the middle of the chart. If you pick a disc that is more neutral in its stability, and you learn how to throw it flat and hard, this will be the foundation of your game. I would recommend you pick a stable disc and buy two of them. Purchase one max weight (175g) and one in the 165-170g range. Use the lighter disc in open fields and tailwinds. Use the heavier disc in the woods and in headwinds.

If you are new to disc golf, the fairway drivers are a good place to start, such as the Innova T-Bird. A brand-new T-Bird starts out a little overstable but, once the T-Bird gets broken in, it flies dead straight--this disc should be in everyone's bag. For distance drivers, the Innova Wraith is a good choice, but I would recommend the Innova Orc. Although it's not quite as fast as the Wraith, the Orc flies dead straight and tends to be more consistent.

As you improve your game and develop more snap, you'll start turning over that Monarch. That S-Curve you're getting from the Monarch will instead curve right...and curve right...and curve right into the ground. At that point you can keep it in your bag as a roller. The Beast will always be good in a tailwind, but eventually you will begin to overpower it, too. The Starfire is a good all-around disc, but at some point I would recommend investing in premium plastic. After a few tree knocks, that DX plastic won't hold up and the disc's flight characteristics will change dramatically. I feel that DX plastic is fine for mid-ranges and putters, but the drivers travel at such high speeds...you would be better served by investing in premium plastic for your drivers.
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disc selection is not what you should worry about when learning. good-great players can throw any stability of disc. learn how each disc works and work on consistancy with discs you own.
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