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Pole Style Disc Retriever/The Scepter

Occasionally, I've seen some guys with pull carts that have these pole style disc retrievers carried on them. I saw one used once from afar, and the guy basically took it out and extended it to a length that would be suitable for cleaning pools. I think it had some kind of hook or grabber on the end that he used to fish the disc out.

I can't find anything on the disc golf web store fronts for retrieving discs except the golden retriever. What are these pole style disc retrievers? Are they basically pool cleaning tools? If so, are they modified in some way?
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The Scepter! I need to get one of those!
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Here is another good one. Originally designed for ball golf. It goes up to 14 ft.

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If your back is so bad that you cant bend over to pick up a disc, should you really be playing disc golf?
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They work great, guy we were playing with before the Memorial had one.

Originally Posted by gwillim View Post
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I think I just want an extendable poll to put my Golden Retriever on for shorter retrievals to save time when the disc is just out of reach; but then be able to unhook the GR when I need to toss it out further.
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I've also seen an electrician's tool called a fish push used for DG retrieval. It's basically an extensible pole that can be fitted with a hook. Electricians use it to wire existing walls without having to tear huge holes in the sheetrock.
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My Brother owns one of these. It actually comes in pretty handy for getting discs out of shallow water or out of trees.

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Check out the new Scepter video posted on YouTube and Whirld Sport's Facebook Page.

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