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Prodiscus bag owners: do you still love it?

I've never seen a bad word uttered about these bags. I wanted one for a year now and I finally have the money, and it seems like the best bag for what I want. So how has it held up? What don't you like about it?

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I had a small prodiscus and sold it because i got a free lat backpack. Regretted it ever since. Best bag i ever had.
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Still really liking mine... this is my first year with it. I got the smaller one as well.
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I know a couple of guys locally that love theirs and have had them for quite a while
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I like mine. Best bag I've had. If you want lots of room for discs and other stuff like clothes, Prodiscus 30+ is a great choice.
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This is my second season using the Prodiscus 30+. It can hold everything you need yet functions well with next to nothing just as easily. One thing that I'm not wild about is how the rain fly attaches to the top of the bag. The velcro strip that secures the top of the rain fly is inside one of the top pockets. This means I have to leave the pocket open to use the attachment and it then subsequently collects water. How this feature got passed the drawing board, I have no idea. Other than that, the bag is pretty amazing

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Well, I ended up driving to Marshall Street to buy the 30+ jetpack this last weekend. I love it so far except it's difficult to keep the straps tight AND be able to get your second arm in (so I only carry it on one arm between holes). Anyone got a fix for that? I'm thinking of modding it with clips. I got a backpack so that I could replace my duffel bag so that I didn't have to carry it all on one shoulder, y'know? Also I'm going to add velcro for strap management. Otherwise, I'm ecstatic how much I can fit in this.
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I have had a 30+ for over 2 years now and absolutely love it. Not sure about the complaint on the rain fly by Mr. Butlertron above. The rain fly has it's own separate pocket so you should never open that zipper unless you are using the rain fly, and once the rain fly is secure no rain should get into the "rain fly pocket". I have used it in downpours many times and have never had a drop in that pocket. Regarding the straps: yes, it is a little tight pulling the bag over the second arm. I keep mine a little looser than most people and if I have a long walk I tighten the straps a bit and loosen them when I set the bag down. The bottom on mine is starting to wear out so I have added gorilla tape in a few spots. A friend of mine suggested dipping it in or spraying it with truck bed liner, and I am still contemplating this. All-in-all, it is an amazing bag and I will replace it with another prodiscus 30+ when this one falls apart.

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