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Probably Z Buzzz to the right.
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Gap on the left with a seasoned wizard.
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Threading the needle on the right with a Buzzz. Wizard clean-up.
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I will be playing this again Sunday hopefully. There is two lines here but I have yet been able to see someone park it taking the anny route. The always seem to hit the clump of trees on the left by the basket. If you kick into that you have a hard putt to basket. The path that I see most people take is the left path but you have to keep it low. I usually blaze my teebird low and hard down left path. If you make the gap then easy bird. The biggest problem with this hole is you have to keep everything low. This is a winter/heat of summer pic right now it has grown out a little.

PS. Slight up hill shot too.

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is this hole a joke?

but no seriously, nice glidey z buzzz, maybe a star mako
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seems like the ceiling is a little low, so ill put away the Rhyno and throw a Buzzz on a stright hyzer line.
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A little too tight for a putter. I'll throw a 60% comet shot for the increased accuracy.
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I love tight wooded holes like this one!

Like the guy who wants to throw a driver for his ace

Personally, I think this is made for my ESP hornet. Gentle hyzer down the right side of the chute. Will fade back nice at the end. If I turns out I can't get the hornet out there with the low ceiling, I'd go with the money GL river to get it there
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Wizard on the line to the left. Maybe play over the creek for fun.
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