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Default Getting my 2015 season started off the right way, with YOUR help!

Hi all, I'm new to the forums and have been enjoying DG for 8-9 years. Only recently have I started to get serious about the game; working on my form, field work, rounds when I can, etc. Now I think it's time to get some advice on what would help me get the most of of this season.

I've already got a thread going on about my form, which I'm working on; if you could contribute anything there, that's doubly appreciated!

I just recently outgrew my Innova Standard Bag to a Competition bag (with shoulder straps, no doubt). This has left me with quite a bit of space in my bag, and I aim to fill it, getting the most out of about a $75-100 purchase.

I'm currently in a disc down phase, as made obvious in the link above, my form needs work. Until I get better and improve, I want to make sure I'm getting the most out of my bag; not just to learn how to throw huge D (I'm not overly concerned about that yet). Doing what will help me learn and grow as a more competitive disc golfer.

Any and all advice is welcome!

Current Bag:

  • Champion XOut Leopard 175g
  • Champion TeeBird 170g (I think, very faint)
  • Discraft ESP Impact 171g
  • Discraft Zline Buzzz 173g
  • Champion Spider 171g
  • DX Roc 180g (few nicks, but not really beat in at all)
  • R-Pro Dart 167g (probably my most used for upshots and lately for working on my form)
  • DX Aviar P&A (not sure on weight)
  • Gateway S-Series Soft Warlock 168g

**Out of Bag** (These are discs I have, but know I shouldn't be throwing right now)
  • Lat64 GoldLine Bolt (Unsure on weight)
  • Pro Destroyer (Unsure on weight)
  • Pro Sidewinder 174g
  • Champion Boss 171g
  • Champion Boss 175g
  • Champion F2 Ape 175g
  • Blizzard Katana (Unsure on weight)

Again, thanks for any help/advice!~
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Courses Played: 10
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I guess I should've mentioned I'm RHBH.

Dart (Putter): 200'
Buzzz (Mid): 250'
Leopard (Fairway): 300'-325'
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Well if you just want to improve your scores in rounds, you might want to consider an OS putter(Credo, Zone, etc.) and OS driver(Firebird, XXX, etc). Hyzer shots are basically the most predictable. They aren't good discs for improving form but they work well during rounds.
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It's not just about improving my score but improving my game all around. I'm practicing field work at least twice a week and putting practice anytime I'm bored at home.

I'm putting in the work, I just want to make sure I'm setting myself up to succeed.
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Buy a stack of putters that you like (Aviar?) , obtain a practice basket, practice lots of putting. That's the best advice I got.

Other than that, I'd say try to prevent too much overlap from happening in your bag. DX is cheap and has great glide, I say add some DX in your fairway game (TeeBird, maybe Leopard too). I'm not saying you need to drop the Impact, but I think you'd be able to reach most shots that an Impact is useful for between varied Leopards and TeeBirds.

Same thing with your mids, get rid of the overlap. Pick one you like and cycle it or pair it with a disc that compliments it well. KC Rocs cycle well enough, Z Buzzz's pair nicely with Z & X Comets.

I also strongly agree with adding an os putter and os utility disc. Good luck
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Here are three suggestions for your consideration which are not the least expensive up front but certainly perform well, don't damage easily and unless lost will last for years.


Driver - LACE
Mid-Range - IBEX
Putter - RIDGE

If you put any one or all three of those in your bag you shouldn't be disappointed. Each comes in Firm/Medium/Soft. I have each and in Hot climates FIRM is a good choice, Medium is a good overall choice, Soft is really soft and great Cold weather material also excellent in the putter types.

Best wishes to you on your quest
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