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2014 bag

Years playing/experience: 6 years
Right/left-handed/ambidextrous: left handed
Throwing Style: LHBH- flick
Golf Distance (avg/max*) for putter/mid/driver: pure 200; Buzzz 275; bolt 325-375

* Max distance is the greatest distance you can throw your top 2-3 drivers with any regularity

Age: 32
Sex: M
Injuries/handicaps?: none
Other sport proficiencies?: none
What do you like/dislike about your current bag? I just recently switched my bag to cover the three stages _o.s neutral and such

Distance drivers:
172 bolt, gold line- Flick max d driver.
175 d4, proto- slight flip to flat more neutral to me
175 d3, proto- hyzer disc

170 river, gold line - controlled distance
173 saint, gold line- hyzers and anhyzer to flat
171 Gazelle, star - hyzer flip anhyzer runs
175 lepord, champ metal flake, working this one in.

178 buzz, flex plastic - straight to fade finish work horse of my mids
175 mako 3. straight with no fade almost like its a drive putter to me.
175 fuse, opto plastic, hyzer fips anhyzer lines and overtaking the buzz in use

175 mercey, zero soft - main putter
175 pure, opto driving putter
175 pure, zero hard- seeing if i like putting with a harder putter.

odds and ends.
175 xxx, opto- meat hook and short rollers
175 epic, yeah i know but i can use it for tommies with good pin point location.

Last year i switched to lat stuff because i liked the feel and was very happy with what i had and could pick a disc off the self with ease of knowing it would act the same. im not hung up on the one company disc thing but don't want too much of the innova discs. seems they are always tweaking there stuff to what pros what. Im just a plastic junkie who only gets a couple of rounds in a week.

ready set go ripping apart!
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Saw this thread, surprised you did not get any feedback, yet....
Liking the Swan, BT soft, for putting myself, so I understand your Scandinavian fascination....
Hope you like that hard putter better than me, disliking them for inside the circle, maybe ok for driving, but I'd really rather just throw the Buzzz!
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Years Playing: 6.3
Courses Played: 38
Throwing Style: LHBH
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ok bag has changed. I have found that 165 is my sweet spot and even lighter works but trying to cut my molds down some.

Max distance driver-
168 beatup gold line bolt- (flips real nice but needs plenty of fairway with all its movement.)

control drivers
165 s line pd - really liking how it flips out of the bag. still playing around with this one.
168 gstar sidewinder- i just put it in the bag had a 157 but with the arm coming up to speed for the summer needed a little more.

overstable not max d
168 destroyer i mostly use this for my side arm. throw it flat and i can keep the fad down on it.

farway drivers
165 pro leo
172 champ teebird- much like the pd i just started playing with but with less distances.
172 star gazelle- hyzer ani's i can flick it on what ever line i want.

utility discs
max weight glow firechicken. not really digging it might put the xxx back in the bag. this thing is a flippen beef cake.

flx buzz workhorse of my mids
star gator os really liking it
Thinking of putting the fuse back in for a good ani disc. I love my mako 3 but it fits the pure slot.

2 max weight zero hard pures for putting and driving- find them to be the straightest out of the box.
1 glow max weight ryno- mosly used for flicking can handle the power real well.

i loved the lat stuff but its just too hard to come buy in my area. I desided that i needed to go with things that i can get without too much problem. Outside of a really bad day with timing my game has gotten better. Im playing better lines. Much of my fault with playing all the years i have has been too many discs and not working within my arm speed speed 8-9 are really my sweet spot when it comes to controle and max distance. the sidewinders are getting me 300 feet min on great lines and not having to throw 100%

Still working on trying to get my game to

putters 200+ feet
mids 250+ (buzz is around 285 as of right now at 100% power)
fairways 300+
distance 350+

little steps lol

I have some light weight t birds and side winders that i love in starlight but i thinking its time to up the weight some. its been a little windy and can tell the sidewinder at that weight does not like it. gstar for me handles it a little better.
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