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Default Scousers ITB until June 2016 (Hopefully)

Years playing/experience: 8 (6 serious). Tournaments for only 1.5 years.
Right/left-handed/ambidextrous: right-handed
Throwing Style: RHBH dominant and some FH.
Golf Distance (avg/max*) for putter/mid/driver: Pure: 200/250; Buzzz: 275/300; Valk: 340/375

Age: 26
Sex: M

Goals: Trying to maintain this bag as much as possible till June of 2016 before making any major changes. Currently an intermediate player with approximately 10 tournaments under my belt over the last 1.5 years. Play at least 3 rounds a week if uninjured. Would like to move up to advanced in 2016 and I feel I would have gotten better faster if I didn't try out new discs so much and rotate things in and out of the bag so frequently. I've been working with this set up for roughly 2 months and don't feel like I'm missing any shots on the course. I've gone back to all of the molds I've thrown best over the last 8 years regardless of company etc. Let me know if you think its a solid bag, stupid bag, or whatever comments you have.

Putters: Generally use up to about 200 ft.

Mcpro Aviar X2: Main putters. thats it dont drive or approach with them
Soft pure : Anny putts to get around trees. Putts where I need to have a straighter approach or need to sit and stick to not roll down a hill. Also going to use this to learn how to backhand approach (I normally flick approach).
R-Pro pig : Jump putting, windy day putter (>10 or 15 mph). Today we played in 17 mph winds and I used this the whole round. Putted really well with it and gives me confidence in the wind. May contemplate putting with the pig full time but the mcpro's have been really nice. Flick approaches, Short flick driving holes. Backhand hyzers.

Mids: anywher from 175 ft to 300 ft depending on angle, height, wind.

Fuse gold line: woods mid, big anny shots, hyzer flips. I loved my fuses but I can get the Z buzzz to hold an anny as well. I also feel more confident with the buzzz during tournament rounds throwing annys in the Oklahoma wind.
Z buzzz: main stable mid. forehands as well. workhorse
Crystal Drone: Overstable duties, wind, forehand drives and approaches if I need more glide/distance than the pig.
Lucid Justice: crazy overstable, utility. Feel like I could just drop and use the drone/firebird. But sometimes that extreme overstability is useful for quick flex shots through woods.

Fairway: 275-325

FD: c-line: recently picked one of these up. for me its a better leopard. hyzer flips/annys/dead straight lower power shots.
Eagle-L champ: workhorse straight fairway. I can throw eagles in the 330-350 but if the distance is over 330/340 I usually disc up so I don't feel I have to overthrow my eagles.
Eagle-X star: Windier eagle. forehand shots.

Drivers: 325-350

Star Valk X2: main driver if wind is <10 mph. Hyzer flip shots. S type shots. got F2 gummy star that I love and are board flat so it fits nice in my hand.
G-Line PD 168g: I carry a light g line pd as my main forehand driver. I get up to about 300 ft with it on drives. I love the grip of g-line instead of c-line on my forehands.
C-Line PD: 175g: headwind backhand driver if I feel the valks or g line pd will flip. This is my stable destroyer type distance discs. Yesterday I was throwing it with hyzer into 25 mph and it flipped straight and held the line for 300 ft with a soft hyzer finish.
Sexton Firebirds 175g X2: utility disc. techinical forehand shots. I can only flick these probably 250-275 ft. I love the sexton firebirds and how they are less stable than jolly luancher 12X. I also love the gummy feel of this glow champ plastic for grip.

So that's basically my bag. I might tweak a couple discs here and there but I'm mainly going to try and stick with this bag. Changes I'm already considering are dropping the fuse for a beat Z buzzz. Putting the opto pure back in for driving. let me know what you think. have a good day.
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Can't go long without changing the bag. Hopefully I'll throw this the rest of the season.

P2: X2 D-line, main putter
P2: S-line driving and upshots
Nova: Upshots, turnover putts, jump putts
Pig: R-Pro, Forehand drives, flick upshots

Buzzz: TI, straight mid
Drone: OS backhand and flicks

Leopard3: Champ X2, straight, anny, woods driving.
Eagle-L: Champ X2, straight to mildly overstable fairway
PD: G-line, straight flicks w/ mild finish. longer eagle-L backhand.
PD: C-line, overstable drives.
Firebird: Sexton Champ X2, Overstable flicks and backhands
Trespass: Lucid, max D driver

Simple and concise.

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