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My GFs bag, am i missing anything?

DD soldier bag

2x 300 Pa4s, putts

400G M4, flies straight with fade for her
300 M3, beat, flies straight with some turn for her

350rx F5, 153g , still getting a feel for it
Opto diamond, 156g, still getting a feel for it
S line FD 165g, next most thrown disc, flies like the RR but shorter

Champ TB 166g, flies pretty os for her

Star RR 169g, her longest and most thrown disc

Max D is prolly 220'. But a normal long throw is about 200'

She threw it to within 10' of the basket on a 400' hole to putt for a 3, and missed :/, was still pumped she took a 4, the other girls on her card, also new, all took 6 or worse.

These are all fairly understable molds. They dont fly that way yet for her. Thinkin about getting a DX leo in a lighter weight and maybe a beast or valkyrie to try along with the RR to see if they fly well for her.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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on the understable side my wife likes Avenger SS, ABC's Secret weapon & Archangel.

She does not have as much power as a man & throws mostly understable. For her a Champion teebird is overstable. She also uses a Wildcat for long overstable shots.
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I would recommend a star TL. I prefer low 160's. A valk may even be too fast until she's throwing a little farther. Cheetah or a Leopard are good. Also a Buzz ss or a Core are good midranges.

I threw a Jade a few times the other day, they are super easy to get good distance with and don't seem to be too nose angle sensitive.
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My fiance mostly throws her Opto Diamond also. She was just maybe starting to creep up to 200' last summer. She's got a GL Fuse for her main midrange.
I've recently added a DX Leo, a G* Roadrunner, and a tyedye champ Valkyrie to her bag. DX Leo is obvious, the G* Roadrunner is because she loves green, and the Valk is because she saw some of the tyedye ones and said, "I want one of those pretty tyedye ones." I figure she can throw it into headwinds if nothing else.
It's going to depend on what her goals are. My fiance wants to go when I play less rugged courses and have fun and be outside with me. She's not interested in detailed explanations of flight ratings or throwing mechanics. She's just going to throw some discs while walking around outside. So if she's happier throwing a disc because "it's so pretty" then so be it.
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seems to be a lot of over lap even at that distance. i would say just keep the FD, whichever mid she likes best. and one putter.

once she starts hucking better, then start adding more variety
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Wife drives with a X-Xpress, Leopard for OS. Comet and Breeze for upshots and a Magnet for putting. She does well with them.
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Originally Posted by elmexdela View Post
seems to be a lot of over lap even at that distance. i would say just keep the FD, whichever mid she likes best. and one putter.

once she starts hucking better, then start adding more variety
I'd tend to agree with this. My wife has been throwing a putter, 2 mids (one OS, one S/US), and a fairway and has been getting great results. When I ask her if she wants to change things up, or put another disc in her bag to cover a line, she mostly declines and wants to learn to throw the discs she has to cover the line instead.

FWIW, she carries a SSS Wizard for all approach and putting duties, a Fuse, a Warship, and a Lady Line FD (recently replacing her Diamond). She's not a worldbeater by any means, but can get it out there far enough to usually make most unsuspecting Groove-throwing chuckers look bad.
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I agree with thinning the bag out a little bit. My fiancee throws around 225 or so on average and she does well in all conditions with a 170g Summit, 171 Ibex, 159 Trak, and a 170 Domey (so it's about Teebird stability) Trak.

I'd say have her try this:
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Marshall Street has some flat DX rocs that are fairly straightish and break in to be extremely straight to light turnover discs. I think the DX Leo is a great idea. My one son got a lot of mileage out of his first one, and I was constantly surprised how he grew wit it.
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My wife recently started breaking the 200 mark. Her favorite drive is an ultra light dx leopard @ around 139 g. It doesn't take a ton of snap or speed to get a 200 ft s flight out of it. She has a150 Leo for headwind , yes 150 Leo for headwind........it's all relative. Tried a diamond and it's way too fast for her. A 150 stingray gets anny line work and a 150 d buzz tends to Finnish left for her. She likes her 150 wedge for shorter up shots that get out of fan grip putter range. I like the 150 wedge for longer putts as it's a lazer at 50 ft . She Putts with an aviar pna . Archangel is a bit fast for her also...... She has also seen decent results with 150 Discraft impact for driver, but prefers light weight Leo.
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