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Hurricane on a slight anny over the trees on the right, flex towards the pin, then a wizard upshot, probably miss the putt, drop in 4.
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x predator straight at the street
soft magnet
soft magnet
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Originally Posted by jtbingster View Post
I'm guessing the tee in the pic is the long?

From the pictured tee, I'm throwing a Wraith on a hyzer over the trees on the right. Approach with Buzzz or Wizard, depending on how close I am, then putt with Wizard. If I had a great drive I could probably reach the pin, because it looks quite a bit downhill.
I think the 373' figure is for hole 8 (pictured) and the 520' figure is for alt hole 17 which uses the same basket as 8.

I'll agree with JoshEpoo that this tee shot is picture perfect for a forehand roller. Put it out to the right and it should fade right back toward the pin.
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Star Wraith/ESP Surge straight ahead, playing the fade. It's times like this where I think it might be to my benefit to have a more overstable distance driver in my bag. Maybe I'll just juice a Star Firebird. Upshot with a Z Wasp/Buzzz or a Champ Aviar, depending.
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Originally Posted by JoshEpoo View Post
Then bomb the same disc on a big anhyzer over the left gap next time.
Yeah, you'd have to try that at least once.
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I guess I would just throw a TL through the gap, RHBH on a slight hyzer to make sure it heads off to the left at the end of the flight, then maybe a Buzzz from there to get close and finish off with a Voodoo.
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I've driven past Waterloo a lot. Going to have to check it out next time.

Probably throwing star wraith if not too windy, champ if it is. Shark or ion for the upshot, followed by the ion for the missed par.
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sparkle visin or backhand a roadrunner
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RHBH with a Monarch or Valk through the right gap.....
OR more than likely I'd RHFH my PD through the left gap and cut a lot of distance off of the hole...

I think I've actually played this one before...
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3 ways I would like to try this hole.

1. A-SS on a turnover over the left
2. ESP Pred through the gap on the right
3. Thumber a Flick over the gap on the left
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