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RHBH - Under 200', I use a well seasoned Roc. If the shot is longer, I use a beat DX Sidewinder.

But I've been working on my forehand, and it's starting to become a real possibility for me now.
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I like to use my 171 Star Valkyrie for long anny shots. I also just bought a 167 Star Roadrunner that seems to work pretty well, but I need to work with it more to see what all I can do with it. Seems like there isn't much love for the Valkyrie going on here - most of you guys really seem to like the Sidewinder. What is it similar to? It sounds like it may be one I should try.
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Joe's Universile Flight Chart.
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My anny disc is a DX Archangel. I find it the easiest long disc to turn. It'll hold a gentle or sharp line with no low speed fade as long as it's spun enough. Good tailwind disc too.
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DX Stingray or Champ Stingray. DX Cobra or DX Roc (well seasoned) are my choices for midrange length right turns. For longer shots I always go to my beat up CE Valk (RHBH)

Still need to work on my forearm, it seems easier and lower risk for right hand turns
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The champ roadrunner will turn late in its flight for me. I also love a beat champ viking.
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I am not good at throwing forehand at all so I usually throw a leopard or if its a long anhyzer shot I will throw a Monarch
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I just purchased a Champion Sidewinder 170 grams. The disc is great for RHBH on anhyzer holes. Two finger grip with thumb in the middle. I also can turn over my Champion Eagle 174 grams. I have birdied a few holes that were previously not an option. Good luck!
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I am left-handed, but I would second all the votes for the Stingray. I throw this disc LHBH and it turns left consistently for me when I get enough spin on it. It would work the same for you turning right with a RHBH throw. Throw this disc 20 times, and it will do what you want it to.
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Did someone say thumber yet? Someone said thumber already? Ok, good, making sure. For sidearm (I throw): Starfire, turnover: Sidewinder for long, Skeeter under 250'.
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