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Thickening Dye?

Hi everyone, Im new to this disc dyeing thing, but have done a couple dips that came out pretty good using rit. I just got some iDye Poly and mixed in 32 oz jars with water. I made a disc spinner, but the dye just runs off. I was wondering how I could thicken the dye I already mixed to use for the spinner, or if I have to get more dye packets? Could I mix the stuff i made with shaving cream and paint that on? Any Ideas?

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Use liquid detergent for painting on, spin technique uses acetone in the mix. Read the basics thread
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I did read the basics thread, but I still am confused on whether to mix the powder dye into the detergent/acetone, or whether i can add the dye/water mix i made to the detergent/acetone?
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Mix powder dye directly with clear laundry detergent. Acetone is optional I believe. But I think a lot of people use it. My ratio I usually use is 1:1 approx. So if you add a tbsp of dye powder add a tbsp of detergent. Play with the ratio though. I still haven't perfected the ratio. I use white vinegar instead of acetone but I know of some pretty sick dye jobbers that do use acetone. I just hear people say that acetone will warp the plastic n so forth so I try other alternatives. I do use it to wipe off stamps though. Good luck. Share your mixing results as well please.
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I use methyl cellulose for applications where I need to thicken dye. I got mine from a chem student at a college near where I live, but it's pretty easy to find online. It'll be more expensive than laundry detergent, but I feel you end up with more control over how thick the dye ends up.
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