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Rit Dyemore Spin Dye


I have only done stencil dyes with iDye Poly before, and just ordered some new Rit DyeMore, which is liquid, and would like to do a spin dye with it.

I have a clear VIP Sword that I would like to do a pink gradient spin on, dark at the edge and getting lighter toward the center. A couple questions-

1. What is a good formula for the paint? From what I have seen, powdered dye, acetone, and a thickener seem to be normal. Since I am using liquid dye- would this change at all? For my first small batch, I was thinking 1/4 tsp dye, 1/8 tsp acetone, and 1 tbsp clear detergent- does that sound about right?

2. Is the gradient done with dye intensity or time spent on the disc? If it is time, what is the time difference between shades usually?

3. Do I need to get the disc hot at all for the dye to take? I saw in a thread about airbrushing that he would set the disc on top of a cup in a pot of steaming water- would that make the process go faster?

4. 33 or 45 RPM on the turntable, or any other speed? I have a massive tempo slider on my DJ turntables so I can make it go pretty much any speed I want it to.

Any other thought would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I don't spin dye, not my cup-o-tea as I think most of them all look the same, but I will try to help out.

No one has really tested the new Rit DyeMore extensively yet, so I'm sure we'd all love to see some detailed results. You're going to have to test a few different mixes/blends/times/etc, we've all been there. Find a disc/s that you can test on and go to town. Write down your methods, don't rely on memory!

The liquid dye is a dye concentrate designed to be mixed with water before dyeing, just like the powders. So, using it like a powder, as long as you don't mix it with water first, it should in theory work similarly.

As for speed, I'd say go as slow as you can. Too fast and the dye will spin off the plastic.
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I just ordered a few colors in the Dyemore line. I'll post up as soon as I get them.

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Picked some up at Joann's Fabrics locally. I have not gotten extensively into dyeing yet, so, I may well have made some mistakes. However, on my test disc (old beat up Z Nuke) the RIT Dyemore did not take as well as iDye Poly. It definitely will work, however, you may need a heavier dye to additive mix or leave it longer in dips/SC
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