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Disc Golf Legends - VR Disc Golf for the Oculus Rift

Hello fellow Disc Golfers!

I'm proud to announce Black Matter Labs latest pre-alpha demo release of the worlds only Virtual Reality Disc Golf game for the Oculus Rift,Disc Golf Legends.

This game is currently free to download and play!

We're still early on in the development process and would love some feedback from the DGCourseReview community.

Latest Improvements
  • Mac support for DK2
  • SDK v4.2.
  • All new performance optimized course featuring 6 new baskets.
  • Improvements to the throwing mechanics.
  • Much improved waypoint system.
  • Many other performance tweaks and changes.

Direct Downloads
  • Single Player
  • 6 basket course
  • Real-time wind physics
  • Random Avatar Generation
  • Throw Boosts
  • Hoverboard (Travel across the course quickly)
  • 3 Discs (putter, mid-range, driver)
  • Gamepad support (XBOX 360 Controller)

Coming Soon: - We'd love to hear which feature you'd be most excited to see in the game.
  • Course Builder
  • More course environments (Volcanic Island, Caverns, Mars, etc)
  • Character Creator Mode
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Pro Shop
  • Dynamic Weather(Rain/Snow)
  • Throw targeting improvements
  • Improved VR Waypoint System

Misc Controls: - This is a small portion of the controls, a comprehensive list can be found on the website
  • M - Mute in game music.
  • Delete - exit to free roam
  • Tab / A - toggles scorecard
  • +- / Dpad Left/Right - updates time of day
  • Mousescroll / Dpad Up/Down - zooms camera in/out
  • F - randomly generates new avatar
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I only watched the trailer, but it appears to me as if the disc only flies perfectly straight. No turn, no fade, no change in direction at all. Is this true? If so, this will be something that DG fans will want modified.
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Thanks for checking us out!

We have implemented several different properties on the disc including Speed, Glide, Turn, and Fade.

These properties will be different for each disc. Currently we have 1 putter, 1 mid-range, and 1 driver.

Throwing straight is dependent on these factors as well as timing of your release and relevant wind factors.

Our hope is that further down the road we can mimic many of the popular Disc Golf disc brands like Innova and Discraft and let you actually choose and play with these real discs in the virtual world including their unique flight ratings.

In addition, we've been working on a Disc Editor that can be used to modify and tweak discs to the players liking.

I hope this is what you were looking for. I appreciate the feedback! Let me know if you have any other ideas or recommendations.
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