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Opto River

My two drivers of choice right now are my Volts (N/P) and a TP Underworld. I'm looking for something to fit between the two stability-wise and I was wondering if a heavy Opto River would fit the bill. Also open to other suggestions, but I want to keep it under speed 9. Thanks
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Have you tried the amp?
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It would appear to fit the bill you are looking for, at least on paper. Think you are on the right track, now just need to test one out and see how it feels and flies for you. Good luck!

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Nevermind, attachment issues.
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I recommend the River, Jackal, TL, Patirot, Trak, XL, or F3. If you wanna stick with an Opto river here's alot of useful material on the matter.



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it looks like you've got your under stable, over stable and stable lines covered . . . before we start recommending a bunch of discs, what type of shots are you looking for that you can't do right now?

for what it's worth, i owned a few heavy optos when i threw all-lat and they seemed borderline overstable - i did throw with crappy form, though. also will make you look stupid if you don't throw it right. you'll go a long way the wrong way.
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I just settled on heavier Opto Rivers for just this slot. I'd been trying to find something between Underworlds and Stags, something with markedly less fade than the latter but markedly less turn than the former. The Opto River is just that at my ~325' of power. I have to release it on a slight hyzer if I don't want any turn, but it's a perfect fit between the two and has already paid dividends in my game.

One of the nice things about the River is that it has the same distance potential as the Underworlds but flies on a much tighter line. It's really versatile too: if I need to throw a turnover that fades back some at the end, it's much easier to hit it with the River than the Underworld (which will hold the turn to the ground unless given a ton of height).

I tried Amps out for this slot; nice disc, but too understable for this role in my hands.

So in short: for me, the Opto River was very much what I was looking for for this slot.
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