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The absolute most important feature of my putts is the way the disc sits in my hand, and how it pops out. I switched to the putt Feldberg teaches at clinics and have been able to get that magic release down this year with it.

I need good contact with my palm on the outer edge of the disc, pinky finger on the inside of the rim, index finger joint on the bead, middle and ring fingers out on the flight plate to control the angle of the disc and get finger spring, and my thumb on the top of the plate kinda by my index finger to control the release of the disc.
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I aim at the meat of the chains. A little higher than the middle. I figure if i hit a good chunk of chains , my soft putter will catch and collect. It has worked great for me.

I see alot of noobs look like they try and "shoot" into the basket with there putts and it results in short putts. I tell them to throw at the chains cause they are there to help. Its not basketball so dont try a "free throw" with ur disc. Throw at the chains
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I am at the top right corner of the tape on the pole. For what it's worth, I straddle pitch putt.
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I visualize the flight path and then put the chains in the way.
Putting through the target, I guess.
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Originally Posted by dstearns5 View Post
Ever notice how many pros don't stradle putt? Coincidence?

I don't think anyone can prove that stradle putting is superior (or inferior, for that matter), expecially when Ken Climo and Dave Feldburg don't use it as their primary style.
Nevermind that my point was to aim with your hips. I don't straddle but still make sure my waist is facing straight at the basket. I only mentioned straddling because its a obvious example of facing the basket.
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Really liked this post.

My fav. part was,
You have to trust your technique and execute exactly like you practiced.
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I always aim for the middle of the pole between the basket & top. To help me when I practice I marked my yard with white markers every 10' up to 60' to help me gauge how far my practice puts are.

If you can recognize the distance of your putt and have the confidence that it's 30' and I hit that distance all the time when I practice that's half the battle.

The feeling that when you step up to putt that you are going to make it.
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I imagine the basket several feet farther than it actually is. I will also imagine it higher, lower, left, or right depending on the need. I only aim for the pole.
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Originally Posted by New013 View Post
Another tip I find helpful is to make sure your index finger is your only release point. This makes aiming consistently much easier.
What do you mean by making sure your index finger is your only release point? Do you mean that it should be the last part of your hand to touch the disc as you putt?
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