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just threw one together. for $70 its a steal. doesn't catch incredibly well after my first 50 or so putts, but a few inner chains look like they'll fix that. its got stakes to secure it to the ground as well. it makes a nice addition to my small backyard. as has been stated, don't even bother picking up the discs that come with it.
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Originally Posted by GordEzo View Post
Fabbing up another 3 1/4" spacer to raise the crown so the chains hang freely instead of sitting in the basket . And I'm prolly gonna add inner chains.
If it's the same design as the original InStep, you might have the top and bottom poles swapped. I did that the first time I assembled my InStep and the chains touched the bottom of the cage.
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Originally Posted by EvanA2 View Post
My wife took a picture of this basket at Costco today. Some of you were refering to item #631310, which this is labeled as, but this one is by Park & Sun. There are some differences that I can see between this and the InStep basket. Does anyone know about this basket? Is it as good (cheap but usable) as the InStep basket? I am concerned that the pole attaches to the base by only 3 bars and not 5, like the InStep.

Still no 631310 products at Houston Costco's.
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I like the color

The 'Costco' basket is the standard Instep basket although mine is red color (I like your yellow/green/orange!). These baskets are all over the internet with prices starting at about $75.00 (which is what I paid for mine on eBay). There are many threads about this basket (mostly about adding chains). Here's mine when I first got it:

You can see in the pictures that it's pretty well made. The metal frame is a little smaller wire diameter than an Innova DisCatcher & the chains are smaller size but it has some good welds & is pretty sturdy! It catches discs & seems like it's closer to regulation than the Traveler & other portable baskets Innova sells.
When I went to Home Depot/Lowe's for added chains they did not have the same size in stock. I bought a slightly larger size for my added chains. Chain by the link is not exactly cheap & it ended up costing me about $30-35.00 if I remember right. Here's my basket with the added chains:

While I will say that when I first got the basket I would practice putting almost every day. It's very easy to set up & not overly heavy to throw into the back of my car & take to work or whatever. I would say that it helped my putting to some extent. But I get bored easily & over time it doesnt get out much anymore. I will bring it out from time to time for tourny's where we need an extra pin position, etc. but it mostly sits in my garage now collecting dust. With all this talk about it maybe I'll take her out for a spin soon!
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the end of real disc golf has come
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The $70 Park & Sun basket (631310) is back in the Middleton, WI Costco.
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I bought the park and sun one from Costco after a day when I missed 15 putts from 15 feet. I had just started playing and needed to improve my putting bad and this was a great fix. For $60 buck I got to increase my putting ability to the point that I'm around 80% from the circle now. They are a great investment when you are starting out and it can take 15 footers all day. As soon as I started getting a little heat on my putts I had to add an inner row of chains to avoid blow throughs (6 chains at 20 inches in length, 12 S-hooks and some channel locks did the trick (search for a thread called home basket upgrade that I started there is a guy that told me how to do it)), and now that I am hitting the longer putts the basket is falling apart and the pole is bending. (I actually just ordered a disc nation liberty basket today.) the dimensions on The basket dimensions are off, and it is not welded very well. But that being said I would recommend the basket to anyone who is just starting or only wants to practice at home 20 minutes or so a week. Any more then that and you should just spend the extra $100 or so to get a better basket.
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I bought my Park and Sun on clearance for $35 at Costco last year, they marked them down when they only had a few left.

They are a little flimsy and the bolt holding the top of mine stripped from being taken apart too much (five times lol).

I replaced the bolt with a higher grade and welded it all together. It is very sturdy now, hasnt bent or anything. That is with hauling it in my truck to league at least ten times and putting on it daily for almost a year.
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They are back in stock at my local Costco. Mine has held up nicely in the backyard throughout the winter.
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Picked up mine a little over a week ago at the Leesburg, Virginia Costco. $69.99, can't beat that. Got a set of inner chains at the local Home Depot, that was like another $30, and well worth it. Took maybe 10 minutes to get the inner chains installed.

Catches great, perfect for backyard practice!
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