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Originally Posted by RastaFish View Post
Picked up mine a little over a week ago at the Leesburg, Virginia Costco. $69.99, can't beat that. Got a set of inner chains at the local Home Depot, that was like another $30, and well worth it. Took maybe 10 minutes to get the inner chains installed.

Catches great, perfect for backyard practice!
i really like mine
added 6 inner chains
cant be beat
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Lol. Ask all the trolls in my thread about these. Oh wait, they are a banned. NM. Add chains and be merry. Or don't, but their will will be cut throughs.
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These baskets just showed up at a local costco in Canuckistan. Cool to see but I don't think I need another practice basket.
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My friend's wife works at Costco and bought one of these for him. Anyone mind sharing what length you use for the inner and outer chains? Did they cut the lengths of it for you or did you use your own tools? What tool did you use? How do you keep the inner set of chains from moving? Zip ties?

We do not have access to much beyond your standard toolbox of drivers, wrenches, files and whatnot. It would help if home depot or w/e would be doing the chain cutting. Ty in advance.

edit - I found the chain gauge is 2/0 straight link coil, but I would like lengths.
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Saw 125 feet of that chain for 75$ How many baskets would that do?
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broke mine in under a year. never lifted/ leaned/ pushed/ pulled/ on the basket and it went from bent and crooked to broken welds. also doesn't catch very well.. i never bothered to add chains because it makes it more challenging but i've noticed i have to change my putting style if i wanna make em stick, which doesn't help me on the course. i banged 20 foot shots in my room all winter, and i dont miss those anymore so i guess theres some benefit, but ill say its a total relief putting at professional baskets when im playing a round.
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A buddy of mine just got one, so I helped him fixt it.
I don't know the length of the chains
I made a bigger ring for the chains to attach to
Removed 2 links off of all the outer chains (use these to attach the new chains)
Then added 6 inner chains

It works well (for a $69 basket, plus his kids got 3 discs)
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How are these holding up for everyone, I'm thinking of buying one.
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I don't know if they're the same all the way across the board, but mine is the one with the orange chain ring and bucket with the black poles and stand. The brand is Park and Sun Sports.

The plus side is that mine caught pretty well out of the box, much better than an InStep. Still, I added a second ring of chains to the inside with ease (and $15) and it is now just as good as the real thing. It's a pretty good basket.

The negatives are that it is a little fragile where it screws together at the bucket and stand. The problem is that the threaded holes the bolts coming out of the posts screw into are just in a metal plate about 1/8" thick, where it should have been an actual nut welded on the inside. All it takes is for someone to lean on it or try to tighten it too much and the threads stripped out. I fixed mine by knocking out the two bolts that came in it and dropping a thicker, coarser threaded rod through it and used locking nuts to hold that in place. Then I used a tap to cut new threads in the base and other pole for the rod to thread into. That works much better than the original, but I'm also careful to not let anyone else put it together or take it apart.

Aside from that problem, it's a very sturdy, good catching, good looking basket.
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Yours has threaded bolts? Mine has pins that slip through the holes.

Do you leave yours outside? Why even use the bolts? The weight of the basket will keep everything together.
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