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Thoughts on my bag?

I'll highlight what I don't throw.

Pro Katana
Gold Line Havoc
Champion Tern
Champion Orc
Gold Line XXX
Star Firebird
Star FL
Opto Saint
Recycled Saint
Tournament Hatchet
Opto River
Star Kite
Recycled Fuse
Champion Roc3
gStar Roc3
DX Roc3
Opto Pain
400 M1
Star Mako3
R-Pro Dart
Champion Rhyno
Recycled Pure
Zero Hard Pure
Zero Medium Pure
Zero Soft Pure
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How far do you throw?

I'd go:
Firebird/ XXX

Are the Saints flippy for you?
How beat are the Rocs?

You have a lot of molds that should over lap. If one feels better or works better then go with it.
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Yup give us an idea what your skill-set is. Rhbh only, bh and fh?
How far do you drive your putters? Mids? Fairways? Distance?
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why you no haz overmolds dawg? simply life with similar core discs, literally.
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Years Playing: 2.2
Courses Played: 6
Throwing Style: LHBH
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Ok so I haven't measured my throws in about 6 months so I dont know if it has changed but I can put my Saints out around 315.

I got the Katana and Havoc for open courses (one recently installed near by. I throw LHBH and working on my side arm. I also can throw RHFH which doesn't really help lol.

My opto saint can be flippy but my RGL flies pretty true to its stats. My saints work well for me. The Rocs are pretty much in all three stages of stability and work well for slightly different shots. only reason I have an M1 was to try and replace my drone that I lost. because the champ roc is not as OS as it could be.

I have just recently started exploring higher speed discs so some of my highspeed drivers don't get a lot of use. Also the Rhyno is new to me so I'm still learning it.

as for overmolds, I'd throw them If I could find some used ones at PIAS. I can't stand paying premium prices when PIAS has everything. and the MVP/Axiom stuff is all new.
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You have too many discs and it's causing major overlap, especially your mids, understable distance and your control distance.

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