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yup, dead set on getting one of these bags. i think im gonna get the deluxe...man i cant wait!
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I ordered mine Sat. night, picked it up from the po box today and took it straight to the course. Needs a frame so it doesn't fall over and had to use the velcro straps to hold up the zipper pulls(forgot my safety pins). BadA$$. I'll post pics. if I have something good to add.
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Anyone with the seat type frame dimensions? I am really interested and am thinking about picking up the supplies today. I am guessing half inch schedule 80 pvc?
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I picked up a 20 dollar backpack yesterday that i am going to modify. It probably is not as stiff as the bag you have but it holds alot of discs and looks nice.

There are 2 pockets on the side that could fit putters + extra discs a sling that holds 2 putters on top of a pocket for minis and keys phone ect. The main cage holds 17 discs comfortably without a frame (but i will put one in). The big compartment held a big sweater a water bottle and a couple extra discs but still had room to spare.

Sorry for the bad quality picture i plan to take some better pics tomorrow and when i put the frame/other mods on it.

If framed and fully loaded with just discs i would venture it could hold 40 discs and 2 putters. (I put a ton in just to see what it was like yesterday).
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Originally Posted by thejib View Post
So glad I found this thread. I really liked the concept of the Grip EQ, but the price is ridiculous. Got this bad boy on sale and I'm very pleased.

As for the questions on dimensions..

The original dimensions of 9 3/4th tall, 13 1/2 wide, 6 1/2 deep are accurate. However that's the size of the piping after the connectors are added. I found that the connectors add an inch on each end.

Therefore I cut my height to.. I think it was 7 inches, because it's SUPER tight even at that. Experiment, Try 7 1/2 and see what you think, I almost ripped my bag jamming it in there, you can always cut some off.. 11 1/2 wide, and 4 1/2 deep.

The bottom holds around 18 discs, I'd actually like to carry 14.. So I'm thinking of something to put on each side to help keep the discs upright. Any ideas?

I added Gaphers tape to the bottom pipes to help hold them in place. I also layed a few strips in the front to close the gap a little so they really stay in there. I held the bag upside down with the flap completely open and nothing fell out.
Those are the dimensions I used.
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just bought the cabela bag while the sale was going on. Got socks and used the 42penny code and made the shipping cheaper and with free socks. win.
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got this bag this weekend, made the cage for it and i must say one of the better disc bags i have ever used better than the grip imo. totaly worth the $60 it takes to make
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Originally Posted by conch cruiser View Post
Here is the bag with seat.

^^ This is the fame I would like the dimensions for. I just got the bag and really like it so far...just a little tippy without enough discs in the bottom it seems. Can you tell me all the connectors are needed and if 5 or 10 feet of pvc is enough, 1/2 or 3/4. I am also thinking I am going to go with schedule 80 for the extra support. I am wondering how you made the second level of the pvc frame since the bag narrows up toward the top. nice cushion too!
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I am super interested in getting one of these now...
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It is pretty straight foward. The internal frame is the same on the bottom half as the demensions previously stated. It just tapers toward the top. Build the bottom frame 9 3/4" tall, 13 1/2 wide, 6 1/2 deep but put 3 way connectors on top. Connect front to back with tee and very short nipples(this tee points up to support front of seat), connect across back with 11 1/2, use street elbow and 11 1/2 pvc across front. Extend the back up about 5" put on another 3way connector and connect side to side with a 10" piece. The internal flap is just glued to the pvc that runs across the front. the piece of wood the foam is glued to is 3 1/2 x 11. the foam is 1 1/2 thick dense foam from a weight bench. Total there is 10' of schedual 40 pvc in this bag, I literally had about 5 inches left. I could take the frame out of the bag to take a photo but that would be a pain for me. Just start cutting, the pipe is cheap, start with the longer lengths so that if you screw up you can use those somewhere else.
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