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Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I am curious if anyone has more recent feedback on the Trak. I was thinking about picking one up, just because I am addicted to new discs, but it sounds like the early runs were a little inconsistent. Any newer purchases out there?

Also, can't find much on the comparison scale...Leopard-like?

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Leo/Valk/TL like. Easy to throw fairway driver

The 1st run yellow boot molded ones were freaky overstable.

Every other Trak I've thrown has had the same straight to slightly understable flight right out of the box. I like the medium ones cause they take longer to break in. Although I prefer the feel of the firm.

A-1 discs (link at the bottom of the page) had a pretty sweet Vibram deal going recently, if you are looking to buy online.
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I agree that they are a little understable out of the box but definitely more than workable. It has a nice smooth turn without being flippy. It often fights for a spot in my smaller bag with an Opto River. The River has it beat with its glide, but the Trak's grip and easy turn makes it a very versitile disc and not something I second guess if I go play a round and pick it instead of my River.
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I haven't thrown a first run, but my orange medium Traks are great. Just as described by smarkquart and Dana.

It's a very consistent disc that's easy to throw.
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I bought one of these Vibram Traks two days ago. I think it flies a lot like a TL. What is odd is that it turns over when I flick/sidearm the disc. Yet I can't seem to get a lot of power on it back hand. I think I could have done well will getting a slightly lighter disc than I normally throw. The plastic feels very dense, and i am wondering if that is why it doesn't have much glide. HOWEVER, I will say this disc is very stable and goes straight where I throw it and that is very valuable to me.
I carry a 170g Champion Teebird, a 175g Teebird and a 171g TL, and although this disc is very similar to all of them, I think there is a very useful place in my bag for this disc.
One last note. The disc tends to make an air bounce at the end of its flight, right before it fades, which is kind of odd.
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Has anyone got a chance to throw a 150 class of the Vibram Trak?
If so how does it compare to a 150 star Leopard or star TL?
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My 150 class trak is surprisingly stable. Its been out of the bag for a while though. Replaced with an FD.
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Originally Posted by chazman07 View Post
My 150 class trak is surprisingly stable. Its been out of the bag for a while though. Replaced with an FD.
Any interest in selling?
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I love my 169 m Trak as well as my 172 F Trak. They are incredibly straight fliers that have incredible glide from my experience. They took over the stable/understable fairway driver spot in my bag almost instantly.
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i wish they were commonly available... i hate paying shipping on discs
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